Anthem's new PTS gives players an early look at Icetide

(Image credit: Electronic Arts)

Electronic Arts has fired up an Anthem Public Test Server for the weekend, which will give players an early look at an upcoming seasonal event called Icetide. The PTS will feature the Tyrant Mine Stronghold, with timers, score multipliers, Inversions, and leaderboards for players to master in order to increase their scores and earn Crystals that can be used to acquire "unique winter-themed rewards."

Freeplay in the PTS will also see some changes, including localized "Snow Globe Storms" and a Time Trial race event that will spawn every five minutes. Fort Tarsis and the Launch Bay will also be done up in seasonally-appropriate festive decorations.

The Anthem PTS runs from today until November 11, and is open to everyone who owns Anthem on PC, as well as all Origin Access subscribers. You'll need to download a separate client to take part, and nothing from your current live game will carry over, nor will any experience earned in the PTS transfer back. Instead, the PTS will set all players to level 30 and unlock all Javelins from the start, so you can get straight to the action. Details are up at

Andy Chalk

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