Anno 2070 update adds new buildings, increases "probability of tornado disaster"

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You know what's way too easy? Building a city and managing resources when there are absolutely no tornadoes happening. Perhaps realising this, the Anno 2070 devs have updated the game with a patch that increases the "probability of a tornado disaster" and "the interval at which they can occur." Regular, predictable tornadoes. That is the key to exciting city building.

The latest patch also adds new "ornamental buildings" and makes loads of fixes and balance tweaks. If you wondering whether Anno 2070 is worth a punt, check out our Anno 2070 review . Meanwhile, here's the full patch list from Steam .

Main changes:

  • Additional ornamental buildings added

  • Implemented 'Instant pickup' feature

  • Military balancing refined

  • The feature that lets you choose environmental influences in the Continuous Game settings does now work properly

  • The single mission 'Return to C.O.R.E.' does not support Coop play anymore, due to complications with the NPC slots

  • Increased the probability of a tornado disaster and the interval at which they can occur

Additional changes:

  • Refined license balancing

  • Rebalanced diplomatic actions 'Stock trading', 'Research money', 'Investment' and 'Shady deal'

  • Improved residence interface

  • Improved rewards for Disaster Quests

  • Explosions that are caused by disaster rather than player actions, do not destroy roads anymore

  • Considerately increased the effect of the media channels 'Check Up – The Consultation', 'Neighbourhood Watch' and 'Safety in Research'

  • Increased building costs of the 'River sewage treatment plant'

  • Rebalanced energy and building costs of the 'Deep sea warehouse'

  • Fixed a graphical issue in 1600x900 resolution

  • Fixed an issue where a Production Chain was still displayed in the Building Menu after the Ornament tab was opened

  • Fixed an issue where Keto reappeared hours after she was defeated

  • Fixed an issue with the display of the amount of inhabitants the Warehouse interface

  • Fixed an issue with the build blocker of the Offshore wind park

  • Fixed several minor text issues in tooltips, menus and achievements

  • Fixed a minor graphical issue with the numbering of stacked items

  • Fixed an issue where two items that affect all buildings of a certain faction had no effect on some buildings

  • Fixed an issue where the ingame chat of a previous session was occasionally still displayed in a later session

  • Fixed an issue where the camera would not change the zoom from under water to above water after clicking on a newsbar entry that related to an above water event

  • Fixed a minor graphical issue with mobile buildings that occurred when the player did not have enough resources to build them

  • Fixed a wrong mini map ping in one of Hiro Ebashis quests

  • Pressing the 'shift' and 'u' while selecting another players residence buildings does not prompt the 'Cheat discovered!' message anymore

  • Fixed an exploit that let you infinitely stack item effects on a single ship

  • Fixed an exploit in the single mission ‚Free Market Economy'

  • Fixed an issue where the wrong portrait picture of another player was displayed in multiplayer

  • Fixed several issues in the Mission Ranking screen

  • Improved third party reactions to trading with foes and friends

  • Fixed an exploit that allowed unlimited gain of Influence with Tori Bartok by building and demolishing the same Academy building

  • Multiplayer stability further improved

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