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And in other PC gaming news...

The Witcher 2 - zap and stab thumb

Today on we reviewed The Witcher 2 , found out why Mass Effect's Commander Shepard is a MONSTER and saw the first images of the Minecraft sky dimension . On top of all that, we discovered that Arma 3 is on the way! The first screenshots of the new military man-shoot already look extremely impressive.

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Today in the PC Gamer UK office, we're on deadline, which means everything seems to be happening twice as fast as usual. As well as running around and screaming, we've been making exciting preparations for this year's E3. It's only a few weeks away, and we're looking forward to what should be an amazing showing for PC gaming this year. What would you like to see announced in LA in a few weeks time?

Based in Bath with the UK team, Tom loves strategy games, action RPGs, hack ‘n slash games, digital card games… basically anything that he can fit on a hard drive. His final boss form is Deckard Cain.