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And in other PC gaming news...

Mass Effect 3 shock trooper thumb

It's been a Thursday for gazing far into the future, and taking a contemplative look at upcoming releases. We started by meditating upon the deeper meanings hidden within the first two Mass Effect 3 screenshots (awesome space armour is awesome), then unearthed the greater truths secreted away in the latest Witcher 2 dev diary (magic bombs are lol). After that we nodded sagely while combing through the latest nuggets of wisdom contained in the latest Guild Wars 2 video , and saved everyone in our Fate of the World review .

But what of the other grasshoppers of knowledge hopping through the garden of PC gaming today? Fear not, young Padawan, we have bottled them all below, in our daily list of PC gaming news.

Someone on Reddit built a StarCraft 2 Siege tank out of lego!

  • Might & Magic Heroes has been delayed .

  • Borderlands 2 spotted on a developer's CV . Hrrmm?

  • Eve devs CCP are currently working on creating player avatars for the upcoming Incarna update, but are still committed to making the game easier for new players to get into.

  • Super Meat boy should get a boxed release in UK this summer.

  • Minecraft in real life , inside a giant Creeper, because why not?

  • Here's a video showing a PC and a PS3 player playing Portal 2 co-op in perfect harmony.

  • Splash Damage say that massively multiplayer online shooters will be the Next Big Thing .

  • Like Harry Potter? Here's the trailer for the new Deathly Hallows game .

  • Skyrim's Todd Howard talks to Eurogamer about the way Hollywood talent comes to them.

Today in the PC Gamer office, we've been dead busy queueing up lots of lovely things for you to read over the weekend. Stay tuned to the site. There will be plenty of previews and a few reviews going up alongside regulars like the Saturday Crapshoot and the Sunday Video Pwn. It's a bank holiday here in the UK, so we'll be out and about lying in the sunshi-haha! Almost had you going there. Why the hell would we go outside when there's so much more Portal 2 to play? Give us one good reason why we should go outside in the comments below.

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