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AMD: next-generation microarchitecture will make up for muted Bulldozer reception


AMD’s Bulldozer microarchitecture hasn’t set the world alight like the company had hoped, but it has big plans for its next-generation CPU technology. Speaking at the Deustche Bank 2014 Technology Conference last month (via WCCF Tech), chief executive Rory Read admitted that Bulldozer hasn’t met the company’s expectations, but that its forthcoming, next-generation x86 Zen microarchitecture will make amends.

“Everyone knows that Bulldozer was not the game changing part [expected] when it was introduced three years ago,” Read said. “We have to live with that for four years”.

While Read didn’t offer any specific details about Zen, he did list talent involved in its development. “For Zen [and] K12 we went out and got Jim Keller, we went out and got Raja Koduri from Apple, Mark Papermaster, Lisa Su,” Read said.

“We are building now our next generation graphics and compute technology that customers are very interested in [...] they’ll move to the next generation node and they’ll be ready to go.”

AMD slashed prices on a range of hardware back in August, when they also announced they'd be getting involved in the SSD market (in a fashion).

Shaun Prescott
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