Allods Online New Horizons to add smugglers and mercenaries, build your own allod

If you've never played the free to play MMO Allods Online before, you may not know that Allods are huge islands that drift through astral space, tempting adventurers ashore with promises of loot and monster slaying. At high levels, players can build their own huge astral galleons and explore the misty purple realm between worlds.

Upcoming update, New Horizons will give you the chance to sail out into the astral plane and build an island of your own. You can choose between a jungle, arctic and desert setting and erect a tower to warn off would-be looters, and then farm the resources that your allod generates to boost your gear and earn a bit of gold along the way.

New Horizons will also add mercenaries, NPC warriors for hire that you can purchase to fill out empty party slots. There are a few to choose from, each with their own way of breaking enemies. There's the Protector (tank), the Fighter (melee DPS), Warlock (healer), Shooter (ranged DPS/support) and the Witch (debuff support denizen). The Smuggler's War zone is another addition that'll give players the chance to conquer new allods in the 4th layer of astral space. Find out more on the New Horizons page .

Allods is free to play. If you're interested in checking it out, head over to the Allods Online site and sign up for an account. Here's a trailer for the update, which made me glad that hermit crabs can't actually talk in real life.

Tom Senior

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