Allods Online Astral Storm update adds new realms of astral space and mentor system

Allods Online top

The latest update to free to play MMO Allods Online aims to connect new players to some of Allods' most experienced adventurers. When you reach level six, you'll be slotted into a mentor queue and assigned a top level mentor. They can then show you the ropes in return for a commission on the money and loot you earn. The longer you maintain the mentor/student pact, the greater the rewards. You can opt out, if you like, but if you're looking for a guide to the floating islands of Allods Online, there are few better candidates than the experienced level 30 warriors raiding the endgame.

The Astral Storm update adds new challenges for experienced players as well. AO's endgame involves building a huge space galleon and sailing into the nebulous realms of astral space that separate each floating island. A new zone will offer new treasures that will scale depending on the number of galleons in the region, but the more players there are, the greater the chance of attack from one of Allod's colossal Astral demons. Find out more on the Allods Online site , and check out five new screenshots of the update below.

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