How to get all the abilities in Ori and the Will of the Wisps

all ori and the will of the wisps abilities
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Abilities in Ori and the Will of the Wisps are incredibly important: finding some of them can be the difference between you reaching a ledge to access a new area, or missing it entirely. Some are combat-based, whereas others bestow valuable skills such as double jumping or projectile manipulation. 

There are 18 total abilities, so I'm here to ensure you don't miss any. Abilities that involve some form of an attack have to be equipped, so you'll have to assign them to one of the three slots in the middle of the hud. If you're playing on a controller (which I recommend), hold down LT to select them from the wheel. Keep an eye out for Opher if you have a decent bank of Spirit Light orbs burning a hole in your pocket.

You can find Ori and the Will of the Wisps abilities in the world, buy them from Opher in Inkwater Marsh, and like Kuro's Feather Flap which lets you glide to ride wind currents, is given to you through the story. There are 18 in total, and I'm here to make sure you don't miss a single one. So let's get started.

Ori and the Will of the Wisps abilities by area

Before you start your search, note that some puzzles will require you to use other abilities to solve them. You can switch between abilities whenever it suits you, so heal yourself with Regenerate if you're in a sticky spot.

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Inkwater Marsh

  • Spirit Edge: Attack at close range with a blade of light. Continue pressing attack to chain combos.  
  • Double Jump: Press A to jump, then A again to go even higher.
  • Regenerate: Spend Energy to recover Life and heal up.
  • Spirit Arc: Fire an arrow of light.

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Kwolok's Hollow

  • Dash: Press RB to dash ahead. Can be used mid-air.
  • Bash: Hold LB near lanterns, projectiles or enemies, then aim to leap. Projectiles will be redirected (sent in the opposite direction to where you aim).

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The Wellspring

  • Grapple: Press LB near hooks or blue moss to pull yourself towards them.

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Baur's Reach

  • Light Burst: Lob an explosive sphere that's great for melting things. This can be used with your Bash ability. 

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Luma Pools 

  • Swim dash: Press RB underwater to Dash ahead, or near the surface to launch in the air.

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Windswept Wastes

  • Burrow: Press RB to move through sand, then press RB again to Burrow Dash.

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Mouldwood Depths

  • Flash: Create an aura of light that damages enemies. This drains energy. 

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Silent Woods

  • Launch: Launch yourself in any direction.

Ori and the Will of the Wisps abilities sold by Opher

The first ability available from Opher in Inkwater Marsh is half price (400 Spirit Light orbs). In other words, a damn good deal.

For the early game I recommend Spirit Star and Spirit Smash. Throwing a star like a boomerang can buy you time in a fight and it's useful against flying enemies and those that stick to walls until you find Spirit Arc, later on. While Spirit Smash's animation is marvellous, it's also great for damaging aggressive enemies. It takes slightly longer than Spirit Edge to swing your weapon, but it's worth it. Here are all the abilities the kindly, monkey-like creature sells:


  • What it does: Spawn a spirit orb that attacks for you. (uses energy)
  • Cost: 800 Spirit Light orbs
  • Upgraded: Sentry Speed (increase Sentry attack speed) 
  • Cost: 1600 Spirit Light orbs

Spirit Star

  • What it does: Throw a star that returns to you.
  • Cost: 800 Spirit Light orbs
  • Upgraded: Spirit Star (tap to pause the Spirit Star's flight and spin it in place).  
  • Cost: 1600 Spirit Light orbs


  • What it does: Set nearby enemies on fire.
  • Cost: 800 Spirit Light orbs
  • Upgraded: Charge Blaze (Charge up a flame to damage and set all enemies in sight on fire)
  • Cost: 1600 Spirit Light orbs

Spirit Smash

  • What it does: Pound foes with a strong, sweeping blow.
  • Cost: 800 Spirit Light orbs
  • Upgraded: Shock Smash (drop attacks with Spirit Smash create a shockwave)  
  • Cost: 1200 Spirit Light orbs


  • What it does: Throw a powerful spear of light. Uses a large amount of Energy.
  • Cost: 800 Spirit Light orbs
  • Exploding Spike: Spike explodes on hit.
  • Cost: 1600 Spirit Light orbs

Water Breath

  • What it does: Lets you, err, breathe underwater
  • Cost: 500 Spirit Light orbs
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