Age of Wonders 3 video teaches the arcane art of level editing

Age of Wonders III is so out now that it's available for purchase - you literally can't get more out now than that. If you're currently entrenched in the turn-based fantasy fantasy and your mind is already racing with ideas for your own campaigns, you're probably pretty glad that it has a level editor tucked away in the game's launcher program. If you've been wondering how to use that editor, Triumph Studios have you covered with the following video, which dives into the nitty gritty of constructing your own AoW content.

As you've probably noticed, it's an impressively fully featured editor, including the option to make your own heroes, campaign maps, quests and story sequences (using your own art and voice acting) in addition to the more standard practice of placing tiles and tweaking databases. There's a little more info, and a few screens, of the level editor here on the Age of Wonders site.

Triumph have also detailed their plans for the game's first patch over on Steam , which include a Quick Save option, and "AI Leaving their walls less quickly in combat". The patch should appear any day now, if it hasn't already (that post was made back on April 2nd).

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Tom Sykes

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