Activision to 'nerf' chart-topping Call of Duty skin by making it more visible, with some players seeking refunds

Image of new LA Thieves skin including more bright red highlights to improve visibility
(Image credit: Infinity Ward)

Well, that didn't take long. Less than two weeks after an all-black premium skin took Call of Duty by storm, even cracking the top 20 best sellers on Steam (by dollars paid, mind you, as a $10 purchase,) Infinity Ward has showcased a higher-visibility version of the same skin in its mid-season update blog post for Warzone 2.

The initial version of the LA Thieves' Call of Duty League skin was an all-black ensemble with a cherry red, Superman-style logo on the chest. The skin immediately drew comparisons to Roze, an infamous Warzone 1 skin with a similar color scheme. Roze let players get up to all sorts of ninja-y, hide in plain sight hijinks in the tactical shooter.

I and other observers initially thought that Warzone 2's updated graphics, lighting, and map (a sun-washed city in the desert) would prevent a similar camo advantage, but just take a look at this shot of the LA Thieves skin in action on a recent episode of Highlight Reel⁠—full Garrett from Thief mode, stealth skill 100, et cetera.

The patch notes on the CoD blog show an updated, much more visible version of the Thieves' home jersey. Various details on the outfit will now be that same bright red as the logo, including the gloves, goggle frames, and tactical suspenders—er, I mean very cool and not dorky harness.

CoD outlet CharlieIntel tweeted about the possibility of refunding the skin, and the comments are full of conflicting accounts of whether it is or isn't possible and in what time frame, as well as whether players were "cheated" by Activision or if it was unsporting to try and buy a camo advantage in the first place. The usual sorts of argument, basically.

Honestly? I kinda like the new version. The color scheme, especially the almost pinkish red highlights, reminds me of my favorite Colossus armor from the first Mass Effect. Would I spend $10 on it? Probably not, but if you're so inclined you can have cute little red suspenders like jolly old Saint Nick himself. 'Tis the season, after all.

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