A whisper of hope: a cryptic Belgian McDonald's promotion has spawned a flurry of desperate MultiVersus hype from abandoned players

Free Multiversus characters for the next two weeks
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Ah, MultiVersus. By all accounts, it was a genuinely solid platform fighter with an all-star cast, torn away from us too soon. It was only an "open beta!" What do you mean there were seasons with battle passes? That's normal for an open beta. To test battle passes you could buy with real money.

This sudden Wile E. Coyote bait-and-switch hit diehard fans like a painted cliff, especially since platform fighters on the PC have never really had their 'Smash Bros.' moment. There's plenty of decent ones, sure. Brawlhalla, Rivals of Aether, Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl 2—but nothing ever quite captured a community in the same way as Nintendo's juggernaut.

But MulitVersus felt like a real contender. The Warner Bros. portfolio is massive, and for a beautiful second, it seemed like we'd live in a world where Saul Goodman could spike the Iron Giant. Well, there might be hope on the horizon—though there's a thin line between hope and cope. As spotted by The Gamer, a Belgian McDonald's promotional sticker made the rounds on Twitter last week. 

A screenshot of a tweet from @mercWmouthMVS, reading "I think we MIGHT get a Multiversus release date/news soon, i went to mcdonalds and saw THIS. we are SO back". Attached is a photograph of an in-store advertisement from a Belgian McDonald's, showing the renderings of Superman and Harley Quinn from Multiversus with the caption "Soon in your happy meal" written in Dutch.

(Image credit: @mercWmouthMVS on Twitter/X)

Which isn't confirmation of anything, necessarily. Especially in the age of AI, it'd be pretty easy for your average leaker to fake something like this with techno-wizardry. Except this Deadpool fan went back, snapping a second pic and a recording. The McFlurry thickens. 

Okay, so—maybe they actually printed out a photoshopped sticker with some old artwork, slapped it on a window, and bothered a few poor Belgian McDonalds employees by circling their entrance like a buzzard with their phone out. People have gone to further lengths to fake leaks before. Except these stickers have cropped up again: 

A second Twitter screenshot, with a photograph taken by user @Wishmaster3891 of the Belgian Multiversus McDonald's ad from a different location.

(Image credit: @Wishmaster3891 on Twitter/X)

Yet another Twitter screenshot of a third McDonald's Multiversus ad sticker at a third location in Belgium, photographed once again by user @Wishmaster3891.

(Image credit: @Wishmaster3891)

These stickers read (courtesy of Google translate): "Soon in your Happy Meal," so it can be safely assumed that the promotion, if legitimate, includes some MultiVersus themed toys. It's a little blurry, but it also looks like the copyright text at the bottom says "2024", and last we heard the game was slated for a 2024 comeback.

Coincidentally, MultiVersus voice actors Daniel Ross (Uncle Shagworthy, Gizmo, Stripe) and Abby Trott (Wonder Woman) posted a video to Twitter. Just to say hi.

"We see you, and we love you, and we love MultiVersus and stuff," says Ross, before both of them wave goodbye. Looking at the game's subreddit itself, this wholesome video seems almost cruel—seeing as the whole place has collectively lost its goddamn mind. Like a Tamagochi you forgot about, except the Tamagochi can't die.

As an example, here's a fake roadmap trailer post with over 500 upvotes that's just a Josh Hutcherson fancam set to "Blow My Whistle." Why? Those secrets are eldritch knowledge, known only to the faithful. Do not ask to stare into the void, it will stare back. And Josh Hutcherson will be there.

Multiversus - 2024 roadmap trailer from r/MultiVersusTheGame

This is all decidedly eldritch, and I fear if I dig any deeper I'll be dragged into the MultiVersus purgatory with the rest of these lost souls. Ultimately, I'm still a little baffled you can't play the game right now to begin with. Some of the live service elements were a touch obnoxious, but it was otherwise a good time—we even gave it a 78 in our MultiVersus review

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