A Total War Saga: Troy is getting a photo mode next week

(Image credit: Sega)

It is not uncommon for me to lose control of a Total War battle because I'm trying to snap the perfect picture, desperately and pointlessly hoping to recreate those impossibly lovely bullshots every game is accompanied by. Now that's going to be a lot easier, at least in A Total War Saga: Troy, as it's the first in the series to get a photo mode. 

The photo mode is arriving in a free update next week, and it features most of what you'll be used to, from filters and frames, to exposure and depth of field options. Creative Assembly lists 22 things for you to tweak, not including the list of frames and filters, so it should keep you busy creating the perfect shot. 

Troy's a striking game, but with Three Kingdom's prettier maps and Warhammer's spectacular battles, I do hope it can be transposed to other Total Wars. Those are the games I'm still playing. Troy had plenty of great ideas, but I've not returned to it since my review. Maybe we'll see it added to Warhammer 3, at least, though we still know nothing about how Creative Assembly plans to conclude its fantasy trilogy. 

The photo mode isn't the only thing being thrown into Troy with the free update. Artemis is being added to the pantheon, which means new temples, new bonuses when you start making sacrifices to her, divine missions and some more units. There's her agent, Orion, and the Warriors of Artemis, a light archer unit. 

You'll be able to check all of this out on October 22, when the update launches for everyone.  

Fraser Brown
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