A new Destiny 2 bug buffs equipped weapons by 25 percent

Destiny 2 2.0 rolled out earlier this week, and for those with the One Thousand Voices exotic fusion rifle, the game just became 25 percent easier. As Destiny 2 streamer xgladd discovered, equipping that fusion rifle buffs all equipped weapons by 25 percent – both in primary and secondary slots, but thankfully only in PvE settings.

Here's xgladd demonstrating the buff: 

Bungie will no doubt patch this sooner rather than later, so if you've got the weapon, go forth and feel 25 percent stronger for a little while! It'll feel really good. 

Destiny 2: Season of the Drifter launched yesterday, ushering in changes big and small, from weapon nerfs and buffs through the a power level cap increase. James laid out his thoughts about Destiny 2's direction earlier today.