A Game of Thrones RPG screenshots show grizzled old men and wintry city

A Game of Thrones RPG

When Cyanide first started showing off their upcoming Song of Ice and Fire RTS, A Game of Thrones: Genesis , our first reaction was one of surprise. A real time strategy? Surely the best way to experience the cut throat world of A Game of Thrones is to get up close and personal with the despicable, traitorous denizens of Westeros and experience the political wrangling and uncompromising violence of the world first hand.

In fact, Cyanide's French studio is working on an RPG that might do just the trick, though for now there's basically no information on what the Game of Thrones RPG will be like. Blues News have spotted two screenshots, however. They show an icy town (Winterfell?), and two very serious looking men. Grizzled old blokes: confirmed.

While the RPG shown below is a long way off, the Game of Thrones RTS is out very soon. September 29, to be precise. Check out our A Game of Thrones: Genesis preview for an idea of how it's shaping up.

Tom Senior

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