20 Must-Have Geek Ringtones and Text Message Alerts (And 10 to Avoid!)

Ringtones You Absolutely Must Avoid!


5. The Halo Theme

Overplayed and overrated. Let the fratboys and jocks claim Master Chief's worn-out anthem.

4. “Is anyone there?” from Portal

We adored the innocently-voiced sentry drones in last year's surprise hit, but Portal in-jokes got old the 100th time we heard someone call the cake a lie.

3. That noise Will made when he fell off the Showdown bull

Will still has nightmares. He was never quite the same after the incident .

2. Star Trek Theme

Grade-A lady repellent. However, it's the perfect bait to lure unsuspecting Star Wars fans into Enterprise vs. Star Destroyer debates. Everyone loses.

1. Tay Zonday

What does Chocolate Rain even mean!?

Text Message Alerts

5. Wilhelm Scream

Think about it. It's someone screaming to their death every time you get a text message. We'd rather jump off a cliff.

4. Lumbergh's “Yeaaaaah” from Office Space

Please, don't be "that guy".

3. Timmmmay!

Honestly, we're bigger fans of Jimmy. His jokes are hilarious!

2. Leroy Jenkins

Only acceptable if you're planning a large raid on Blackrock Spire.

1. Apple startup chime

Can't you read? We're Maximum PC .

Originally posted: 2008-07-11 09:04:23