World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria goodies galore giveaway

Marsh Davies

Mists of Pandaria launches this very night! From 8:00pm (BST), players will descend on London's confusingly-named Café de Paris to cheer in the latest expansion to Blizzard's venerable MMORPG. To get you in the celebratory spirit, they've kindly offered to give away a haul of Pandaria-flavoured kit.

So what's to be found in this high level loot drop?

  • A Steel Series World of Warcraft Wireless MMO mouse. Ooh!
  • Deathwing's Stormwind Assault by Mega Bloks. Aah!
  • A Brady Games Limited Edition Strategy Guide. Oy!
  • A Mists of Pandaria Class Crest T-shirt and World of Warcraft hat from Jinx. Ay!
  • Mists of Pandaria Collector's Edition which includes: behind-the scenes DVD, game soundtrack, art book, Imperial Quilen flying mount, Lucky Quilen Cub pet, StarCraft II portraits, Diablo III banner, sigil and accent and Chen Stormstout mouse pad. Oof!
  • Plus, assorted extra t-shirts and posters. Arf!

  • Just what do you need to do to get your soft, downy paws upon these coveted collectibles? Just tell us which two creatures you'd most like to see face-off in a Pandaria-style pet-battle, which would ultimately win and why. Drop it in an email entitled "Pandaria launch giveaway" to Submissions close at this time tomorrow.

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