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PC Gamer Podcast #376 - GDC 2014 with Steve Gaynor, Sean Vanaman, and more

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In this week's special GDC 2014 episode, we recorded from Tyler's kitchen in downtown San Francisco with two groups of game developer guests who hiked over from GDC. First up, hear from Xaviant design director Tim Lindsey, whose resume also includes CCP, Bethesda, and Hi-Rez; Twinbeard Studios founder and Frog Fractions creator Jim Crawford; and Mode 7 Games' Ian Hardingham, who designed and programmed Frozen Synapse and is now working on Frozen Endzone.

Gone Home interview with Steve Gaynor: BioShock, the '90s, and what makes a "game"

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The Fullbright Company is based out of a three-bedroom house in Portland, Oregon. Founders Steve Gaynor, Johnnemann Nordhagen, and Karla Zimonja don't just work in the house—they live in it. It's like the headquarters of an indie superteam: members of the group worked on BioShock 2, Minerva’s Den, XCOM, and BioShock Infinite.

Gone Home devs on player agency: "We all appreciate games that trust us as players."

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I shared Tom’s fascination with Gone Home when I had a chance to play it earlier this month. It’s relatable, contemporary, comfortable like your dad’s sweatshirt, and you get to sift through the drawers and closets of your in-game family to unravel the question “Why is no one home?”

During that demo, I spoke with The Fullbright Company co-founders Steve Gaynor and Johnnemann Nordhagen about how they approach designing a game driven by player curiosity, and where clues and story elements can be found achronologically.

The Fullbright Company announces Gone Home

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The Fullbright Company, a new indie studio founded by a small team of former BioShock 2, XCOM, and BioShock Infinite developers, has announced its first game: Gone Home. The first-person adventure takes place in "a modern, residential locale" -- a large suburban home, from the looks of it -- where players will uncover some manner of mystery by "investigating a deeply interactive gameworld."

Though the studio has only been working on Gone Home for a few months, it's already sharing "very unfinished" pre-alpha video and screens of the game.

“Since we're indie and want to be transparent about the process, this is unfinished work-in-progress content, as opposed to a splashy trailer," said Fullbright Co-Founder Steve Gaynor in an e-mail correspondence with PC Gamer. "So brace yourself for some untextured walls and stuff.”