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GTA: San Andreas review — June 2005, UK edition

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Every week, we publish a classic PC Gamer review from the '90s or early 2000s. This week, Ben Griffin provides context and commentary followed by the full, original text of our GTA: San Andreas review, published in the July 2005 issue of PC Gamer UK. More classic reviews here.

We're enjoying the height of summer now, but as temperatures plummet and skies darken, Rockstar promise respite from Autumnal misery: GTA 5 on PC. With improved framerates. And increased resolution. And cats! It took no time at all for resident GTA enthusiast, Andy Kelly, to go all CSI on its launch trailer (hammerhead sharks: confirmed).

Grand Theft Auto V on Steam promises advanced video editor, other enhancements

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As expected, Grand Theft Auto V has appeared on Steam, boasting of a number of enhancements to the game as well as an all-new video editor.

Grand Theft Auto V PC pre-orders now available

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Rockstar revealed earlier this week that Grand Theft Auto V is on its way to the PC and next-gen consoles this fall. You may now throw your money at it, and Rockstar has a handy site all ready to take that money.

Why GTA 5 will be best on PC

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So Grand Theft Auto V is coming to PC. Hooray! I’ve played a /lot/ of the Xbox 360 version—it’s my favourite GTA game to date—but I was always thinking in the back of my mind about how much better it would be with a smoother frame rate, sharper textures, and running at a resolution higher than 1280x720. The good news, then, is that the long-awaited PC version will have all of these things, as well as an array of new visual effects to take advantage of modern graphics cards. The lighting is better, the draw distance is greater, and Rockstar are finally giving the vast urban sprawl of Los Santos and its surrounding forests, deserts, and mountains the fidelity they deserve.

Grand Theft Auto V coming to PC this fall

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It's about time.

Max Payne 3 gameplay video: maxed settings at 2560x1440 on LPC

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The Large Pixel Collider—if you haven't already been introduced to it through the faint but ominous humming that now haunts your dreams—is the most powerful gaming PC we've ever built. With four Nvidia GTX Titans and an irresponsible surplus of everything else, we're using the LPC to capture gameplay footage of supreme quality, with ambitions to go beyond 4K and into a resolution super-realm populated by beings of pure light energy.

Grand Theft Auto's creator remaking original game in Game Maker

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Ask someone to associate a real, live human with Grand Theft Auto today, and they will most likely say Dan or Sam Houser, the current heads of Rockstar Games. But neither of the brothers actually created the series. YoYo Games' Head of Development Michael Dailly actually created the original game in the mid-1990s, alongside David Jones. Now Dailly is revisiting his 1997 opus with modern technology and a 3D upgrade.

GTA 5 on PC: five things we want to see

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Article by Nathan Brown.

With the current-gen console versions of Grand Theft Auto 5 now on shelves, and the launch of GTA Online just days away, the time is surely nearing for Rockstar to drop the pretence and confirm what everyone suspects: that the game is heading to next-gen consoles and, more importantly, PC. We're confident a Rockstar team is beavering away on a Windows version right now, and we’re sure the famously, um, self-effacing studio is open to our ideas. Here, then, are the five things we most want to see from Grand Theft Auto 5 on PC.

Rockstar explains the shooting and looting of GTA 5

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After months of remaining silent about the latest thug-life simulator known as Grand Theft Auto V, Rockstar Games is finally loosening its lips. In addition to a gameplay trailer released earlier this morning, Rockstar exchanged a few words with Game Informer about how GTA V’s gameplay has improved over its predecessors.

GTA 5 screenshots show shoot-outs, dusty shores and smart shirts

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Grand Theft Auto 5 was absent from the E3 conferences, suggesting that Rockstar understand that the series has broad enough appeal to bother tangling too much with platform holders. A set of nine new GTA 5 screenshots should tide fans over until its September console release, but we'll hold out for the as-yet-unannounced PC version. Every GTA game has found a home on PC eventually, so hopes are high for this one.

Former GTA dev vowed never to work on a violent game again

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An emerging theme in the games industry is developers engaging the idea that games may be disproportionately violent or too derivative. Deus Ex creator Warren Spector spoke out about the latter recently, launching off the reveal trailer for the new Wolfenstein: A New Order. Joining the conversation now is Jeremy Pope, a veteran of Rockstar Games and former production manager for Grand Theft Auto 3, Vice City, and Max Payne. In an interview with GamesIndustry International, Pope explains why he will never work on a violent game again.

GTA 5 screenshots: 12 new pics show the gang's criminal escapades

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Rockstar have dropped a fresh round of GTA 5 screenshots at our feet. This time, we see the game's three protagonists engaging in a variety of criminal activities, which is perhaps to be expected from a series named Grand Theft Auto. But just how illegal are their shenanigans? Read on, as I apply the unwaveringly accurate Naughty Scale to find out.

Disclaimer: I am not a lawyer.

GTA 5 screenshots: 20 fresh pics from sunny Los Santos

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GTA 5 frenzy is sweeping the world wide web. Our friends at CVG have a put together a comprehensive overview of the demo that Rocsktar showed recently with loads of details on the the new open world and the abilities and personalities of the GTA 5's playable trio of troublemakers. Rockstar are still reluctant to talk about their plans for to bring game five to our machines, meanwhile, but given previous form, there's every chance we'll see a PC version eventually. So with that in mind, why not take a look at the twenty new GTA 5 screenshots that arrived earlier showing some disturbing masks, heist plans, tumultuous weather, car chases, two explosions, a minigun and much more.

GTA 5 PC release date — our best guess, supported by mathematics

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After the release of the new GTA 5 trailer, we became conspicuously aware, once again, of the absent PC release date for Rockstar's next open world fiasco. So we reached our hands into the mists of Grand Theft Autos past, crunched some numbers, and came up with the best possible estimate of when the game will be announced and released for the PC.

GTA 5 trailer introduces playable trio of main characters

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GTA 5 trailer alert! Sound the hype-horn! Rockstar have plopped out more moving pictures of their upcoming open-city mug-'em-up so that we can look at them and say "put it on PC, please!" Rockstar are being coy about plans to bring the sequel to our hallowed platform, but we can take some solace in the knowledge that every GTA game has come to the PC eventually, apart from the first few, which were born on the PC. How far things have come from the 2D pixelly crimes of yore.

Rockstar releases Grand Theft Auto radio station playlists on Spotify and iTunes

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Video game music is occasionally labeled as "just a bunch of bleep and bloops." But if there's a company that's demonstrated how well music and games gel together, it's Rockstar. Bully, Grand Theft Auto, L.A. Noire, and Red Dead Redemption all exemplify the company's discerning musical taste—a group founded by the sons of the owner of a famous British jazz club, coincidentally.

GTA 5 screenshots attack innocent car with minigun, nearby tree injured

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Another round of GTA 5 screenshots has been posted onto the Rockstar site showing a more idyllic scenes from pseudo-San Fran. Apart from the shot of a man with a minigun in front of a burning car wreck, which would only be considered idyllic by survivors of a terrible post apocalypse in which the concept of a car that's not on fire has long been forgotten. The other shots show more leisure activities like scuba diving, car driving, sky diving, bike riding and 'copter gliding.

It's due to hit consoles on September 17. A PC version is supposedly "up for consideration." A petition asking Rockstar to consider harder has 163,000 signatures to date.

L.A. Noire's blooper reel is cool (and a little bit creepy)

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L.A. Noire's motion capture was impressive, but still required input from fallible human beings. Hence mistakes were made. Hence a gag reel of fluffed lines, misjudged delivery and sneezing was created. Only here, Depth Analysis - the firm that supplied the MotionScan technology - has released that reel using the in-engine characters from the game. The result is... kind of weird.

Grand Theft Auto IV Iron Man mod includes working repulsor beams, lack of morals

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Modding Grand Theft Auto IV is its own small struggle for victory—tweak this INI here, edit models there, and a bunch of script files everywhere—but when it pays off, it pays off spectacularly. In the case of author H1Vltg3's Iron Man mod (via Kotaku), the payoff lets you roam and rocket across Liberty City as the crimson superhero with functioning hand and chest repulsor blasts. More importantly, it lets us be Iron Man but with no restrictive concern for public safety or pesky morality.

Payne Effects 3 mod for Max Payne 2 adds weapons, cinematic effects, and more

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The creator behind the Payne Effects 3 overhaul mod for Max Payne 2—yes, 2—released the final version today for download. The mod furnishes Max's Big Apple field trip with a larger arsenal, additional Bullet-Time cinematic effects, clothing, and even accompanying music. Hey, even revenge-fueled killing sprees need a soundtrack.