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Titanfall config guide: the best settings to maximize your effectiveness

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Titanfall is out and thus begins the pursuit of finding best possible experience it can offer. This configuration and tweak guide will help you optimize the game for a better overall experience and to improve your competitive advantage. Bear in mind, users currently have no access to the developer console as Respawn likely intends to limit tweaking to create a similar experience for all users, so our ability to customize and optimize is more limited than with other Source games. Even so, there are lots of useful in-game and system tweaks that beat the default settings.

Watch Tyler stream Titanfall at 4:15 p.m. PDT (It's over!)

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While Chris finalizes his Titanfall review, the rest of the staff has also been enjoying the acrobatic war for extraterrestrial concrete (or whatever space drama it is that necessitates stomping on people with mechs). Today, Tyler will bravely livestream what will either be a series of glorious victories, or the embarrassing tale of a Call of Duty dropout with dulling reflexes trying to make it on the new frontier.

Titanfall's PC servers experiencing "unexpected downtime" [Updated]

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Update: According to EA, the Titanfall downtime is now resolved.

Original: Titanfall hasn't finished its worldwide roll-out yet - although there are ways to get around that issue. Even with a staggered launch in place, it's popularity is seemingly too much for the game's servers. EA have released a service update, stating that users may experience connection problems that would prevent them from playing the multiplayer mech shooter.

Titanfall's titanic 48GB install "almost all audio," Respawn says

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Titanfall is upon us, and that means Respawn's fast-paced FPS has high-fived Spyglass for luck before dropping onto many a hard drive with a 48GB shockwave. That's a staggering size for a strictly multiplayer shooter, and many pilots want to know the reasons behind the significant storage chunk. Speaking to Eurogamer, Respawn Lead Engineer Richard Baker provides an answer: uncompressed audio.

Titanfall early unlock: here's how to bypass the regional launch restrictions

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Yesterday, we posted the deployment times for Titanfall's staggered international launch. If you're in a zone that's on the right side of this arbitrary line, congratulations! I hope you enjoy ripping off some robo-arms. If you're not, then - even if the game's pre-loaded - Origin won't allow you into its many gigabytes of goodness. Well, it won't unless you engage in some magic internet trickery.

The good news is that Respawn co-founder Vince Zampella has confirmed over Twitter that, as long as they're playing on legitimately purchased copies, users bypassing regional restrictions won't be banned. Given that, there seems little harm in providing an easy to follow, step-by-step guide to getting into the game. Stand by for Titanfall.

Titanfall review in progress

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Don't skip to the score just yet, folks, because you won't find one. We're not finalising our review of Titanfall until we've had a chance to test it properly on live servers. The following represents my thoughts on the game after ten hours of play at an EA-run event last week. The version I played was final, and I've seen the entirety of the campaign as both factions as well as every mode, map, and weapon - but until we know for sure that EA's servers are capable of handling the stress of launch, the game doesn't get PC Gamer's endorsement. As ever, it's worth waiting to hear launch-day impressions before you commit your cash.

Titanfall is the last place you'd expect to find restraint. This is a bombastic, big money multiplayer shooter where robots fall from space; where jetpack-equipped 'pilots' dash over, alongside and through sci-fi cityscapes; where AI-controlled minions are shot, trampled, kicked and blown up by the squadload. It's a game where you'll run up a wall, jet into the air, lock onto a platoon of grunts with your smart pistol and eliminate them all as you land. It's a game where you'll drop a forty-foot robot titan onto another forty-foot robot titan just to see if you can.

It's a game where you will do all of these things - and more - constantly, thanks to lean, intelligent multiplayer design. Titanfall is silly on the surface and clever underneath, and this cleverness is characterised, somewhat counter-intuitively, by restraint.

Titanfall pre-load now available, global release times announced

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It's a lot of work to transport electronic data. To get Titanfall to the UK, Respawn will presumably have to manually print every line of code, pack it into a secure, waterproof crate, and then sail it over the Atlantic. Once it arrives, all that data must then be typed into the UK's internet, probably by Johnny Lee Miller's fictional character from the movie Hackers.

At least, that's the only sensible scenario for having staggered international release dates. And yet, Titanfall pre-loading is now available for pre-ordered digital copies. It suggests that, rather than some tricky infrastructural hurdle, the reason many countries won't be able to play the game until later this week is down to the usual prioritisation of physical media, and the unwillingness of brick and mortar stores to deviate from their traditional release window.

Titanfall's Zampella confirms paid DLC and season pass

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It's 2014, which means an announcement that a game will contain DLC is almost as inevitable as news that a game will contain a "restore power to the elevator" section. In most cases, it's a given. In Titanfall's case, though, there's been a lot of speculation as to Respawn and EA's post-release content plan. The confusion was mostly caused when the official Titanfall twitter account mistook the term "Season Pass" for "Online Pass", claiming the game wouldn't have the former, when in fact it meant the latter.

In an interview with Gamespot, Respawn's Vince Zampella has clarified the situation. He explains that the game will receive paid DLC, and that Respawn will also release a season pass to bundle that content before release.

Titanfall prepares to launch into battle with new gameplay trailer

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With only a week before it’s is upon us, Respawn released a “Titanfall gameplay launch trailer.” Made up entirely of Xbox One gameplay footage, it shows us the usual shots of pilots running along walls and Titans falling out of the sky, but also gives us a taste of the game’s universe, which Respawn has been unusually quiet about.

Titanfall leaked screenshots show maps, monsters and "Generations" mode

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"I have a reliable source with information on Titanfall." That's according to Reddit user FallenFusion, who has supplied a series of supposedly leaked images showing new aspects of the upcoming shooter. Through them we see a collection of nine or the game's fifteen or so maps, a shot of a ziplining pilot player, and a intriguing tease of a mysterious monster - previously hinted at through the game's art book.

Watch our Titanfall livestream at 4 p.m. PST

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The Titanfall beta ends tonight, so we're saying goodbye for now to our space diving stomp machines with a two hour livestream starting at 4 p.m. PST (That's 7 p.m. EST and 12 a.m. GMT). Watch as Tyler wall-runs, shotguns, rodeos, and dies over and over until the beta ends or he gets hungry and wanders off to find pizza.

Titanfall guide: ten tips for battling through the beta

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Now I’ve mastered the maps, unlocked the weapons and hit max rank in Titanfall’s beta, I’m ready to spill my secrets. Want to know how to stick to walls like Spider-Man? Or cut your Titan spawn time in half? Or do a jetpack-powered judo kick into someone’s silly face? Here are ten tips, covering everything from loadouts, to burn cards, to smarter movement and more deadly Titans.

Titanfall video report: impressions on Respawn's sci-fi shooter

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On the verge of Titanfall's beta - and less than a month from its full release - we sent Phil into the belly of Respawn Entertainment's men 'n mechs shooter. Having recovered from his experiences inside a giant machine of murder, he and Tom sit down to talk about the game's Call of Duty lineage, the nimble manoeuvrability of its pilots, and the joy of calling down rocket-spamming robots.

Titanfall beta signups are now live

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EA and Respawn have opened up registration for Titanfall's beta. The robotic multiplayer shooter, out on March 11, is the first game from Respawn Entertainment, and its beta will be your first chance to try one of our most anticipated games of the year.

Titanfall minimum system requirements revealed

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They are upon us, like hulking metal warriors raining from the sky: Respawn Entertainment's Vince Zampella announced on Twitter today the minimum system requirements to run Titanfall on PC. Our Large Pixel Collider whirred with amusement at the mere mention of the word "minimum," but here they are.

Titanfall alpha footage appears online, may not be around for long

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This morning, the internet was assaulted with illicit videos of sexy robots. No, it's not what you think. It's Titanfall footage, taken from Respawn's currently running limited technical test. As part of their not-a-beta, select Xbox One players have been given the chance to wall-run and jet-boost around the game. And a few of those testers have sneakily uploaded their sessions for all to see. At least, for all who get there before the inevitable removal to see.

Titanfall maps can contain nearly 50 combatants, between players and AI

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As the semi-furore surrounding Titanfall's 6v6 maximum player-count reached its lukewarm fever-pitch, the game's producer took to the GAFcave, saying - among other things - "our playercount is not 6v6 because of AI - AI play their own role in the game." Despite that, the NPCs of the mecha-FPS will have an impact on proceedings. In an interview with Polygon, lead designer Justin Hendry revealed that - between man and machine - maps can contain nearly 50 combatants.

Titanfall draws fire over 6v6 max player count, Respawn respond

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Here's some news that's almost more notable for the fallout than the main reveal. Responding to a question on Twitter last night, Respawn's Vince Zampella announced that the maximum player count for Titanfall matches would be 6v6. At which point the world collectively said "okay", and went back to flambéing their coq au vin. No, wait, I'm thinking of the parallel universe full of sensible people who don't instantly rage about a game they've yet to play. Back in this universe, some people "had a reaction", to such an extent that a developer at Respawn took to NeoGAF to explain the decision.

Titanfall set to drop without mod tools, Respawn to "evaluate" after launch

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It's 2014, which means Titanfall finally makes its debut this year and not next year. With the shooter's March 11 release on the horizon, we now know we won't be seeing any PC mod or map tools launching with the game, according to a recent tweet from Respawn Entertainment co-founder Vince Zampella.

Titanfall PC release date confirmed, won't require Windows 8

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Respawn Entertainment announced a March release date for its debut game not too long ago, but didn't go into more details than that. Would it be a timed exclusive for the upcoming Xbox One? How long would PC gamers have to wait? Would Respawn require Windows 8 for its robot battles? Thankfully, all of these issues have now been cleared up.