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BioShock news is imminent, according to this 2K Games teaser

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When most of Irrational Games was laid off earlier this year many assumed it was the last we'd see of BioShock, at least until 2K Games mustered the courage to have one developed independent of its old studio ala BioShock 2. Well, it would appear that something BioShock related is about to happen, because 2K Games posted this teaser image (above) on its official Twitter account earlier today, along with the text: "Oooo, what COULD this mean?!".

Former Irrational employees form new studio and ask, "What is The Black Glove?"

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Game studios come and go, but few of them manage to put together a catalog comparable to Irrational's. So it was even sadder than usual when the studio closed its doors earlier this year. But some small good may come out of that, as a group of former employees have formed a new outfit, Day For Night Games, and are working on an unusual first-person game called The Black Glove.

BioShock Infinite's Columbia appears in the skies of Minecraft

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What if Elizabeth tore open a rift, but instead of yanking out a crate of guns or a Gatling-wielding automaton, she withdraws a square-shaped chunk of grass before chucking it at your face with a "Booker, catch!"? I'd sputter in confusion, but that probably also means BioShock Infinite's heroine found her way to the Minecraft-ed version of the floating city of Columbia. Constructed by architect group TheVoxelBox of the Planet Minecraft fansite, the city boasts superb detail and personality worthy of the game's best custom creations.

4K Screenshot Showcase: Bioshock Infinite

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Every Monday, keen screen-grabber Ben Griffin brings you a sumptuous 4K resolution gallery to celebrate PC gaming's prettiest places.

Few would deny that Bioshock Infinite's floating city of Columbia is a gorgeous place to shoot spliced-up weirdos. The first sight of Columbia's main square is impossible to forget. It's a blaze of glorious colour, enriched with hundreds of incidental details, all contributing a little to the story behind Infinite's hovering dystopia. There are many more moments to match it, so we've captured a few here in glorious 4k resolution to celebrate Infinite's terrific art design. Enjoy.

Bioshock Infinite - Burial at Sea: Episode 2 to offer a non-lethal challenge through 1998 mode

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Irrational may be "winding down", but they still have one final flourish before bowing out. Burial at Sea: Episode 2 is the final piece of Bioshock Infinite DLC, and will give players the chance to inhabit the tear-opening, coin-tossing Elizabeth.

As an example of how differently the game's new protagonist will play, Irrational have also announced a new mode for the game. 1998 mode, like BInfinite's 1999 mode before it, is a "classic" difficulty designed to recapture the spirit of late '90s challenge. Rather than 1999's System Shock 2, 1998 mode is referencing the original Thief: The Dark Project. It will require players to complete the episode through entirely non-lethal methods. It will also replace the entirety of the soundtrack with Will Smith's Just The Two of Us, and Aerosmith's I Don't Wanna Miss a Thing.

Okay, so it won't really do that last thing.

Irrational Games: a fond farewell

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Last week Ken Levine announced that Irrational Games as we know it is coming to an end. Most of the team are to be laid off as the studio that gave us System Shock 2, SWAT 4, Freedom Force and Bioshock shuts its doors. The world knows them as the Bioshock developers, but for PC players, they've offered much more. We gather to reflect on the end of a great studio and celebrate their output.

Irrational Games "winding down," Ken Levine starting smaller team within Take-Two

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Today, Ken Levine announced that Irrational Games will be winding down as we know it after it releases the last piece of DLC for BioShock Infinite. Levine will be starting a smaller, "more entrepreneurial" endeavor at Take-Two, which also worked with him on the BioShock games. Unfortunately, this means Irrational will let go of all but 15 employees.

BioShock Infinite - Burial At Sea: Episode 2 gets a spoilery behind-the-scenes video

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Ever since Irrational Games announced that its BioShock Infinite downloadable content would take place in Rapture, fans have speculated about how the worlds in the BioShock franchise could be connected. As we get ever closer to the release of Burial At Sea Episode 2, a new, very spoilery video starts to hint at answers—while showing off a whole host of returning characters from both Rapture and Columbia.

Seriously, spoilers ahead. You've been warned.

Bioshock Infinite's Burial at Sea: Episode 2 trailer is intriguing, full of spoilers

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Don't worry, I'm going to be very careful to avoid spoilers in this opening paragraph, just to protect those that stumbled here accidentally after a drunken night of unrestrained hyperlink clicking. I've even gone so far as to choose the least spoilerful frame of this new trailer for the above image. Even so, spoiler: Bioshock Infinite's second story DLC will contain a gun. Sorry, I know you'd have preferred to discover that for yourself.

Event of the year: Bioshock Infinite

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Welcome to the PC Gamer Game of the Year Awards 2013. For an explanation of how the awards were decided, a round-up of all the awards and the list of judges, check here.

Sometimes great games are released to the silent enjoyment of millions, others are lightning rods for discussion. They're talked about, turned over and examined for months, even years after release. Love it or hate it, Bioshock Infinite is one of those games, a shooter with too many ideas for its own good. Confusing, spectacular, controversial, its scope and absurdity ensure that it will linger in the popular imagination longer than its competitors. What better candidate for our Event of the Year award.

BioShock Infinite DLC trailer leaves you with a Big Daddy and a bunch of questions

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With BioShock Infinite it only makes sense to have more questions than answers. Thankfully the launch trailer for the shooter's new DLC—Burial at Sea, Episode One—fills that role nicely. We see the expected, and very stylish, film noir vibe dialed up to 11, but there's also a sense of dread lurking under the surface.

Bioshock Infinite: Burial at Sea episode one release date announced

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It's November 12! That's for part one of Bioshock Infinite's first chunk of story DLC, set in that fragile underwater utopia/horrorshow, Rapture. Phil's played it, and he's writing a few impressions down right now. Episode One throws Booker and Elizibeth back to a time to a point before Rapture transitioned from endless parties to mutant massacre.

Bioshock Infinite: Burial at Sea trailer picks out Rapture's fact from myth

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Bioshock Infinite's first story-based DLC campaign is on a bathysphere ride to release. That means a return to the base game's quirky "Fact From Myth" trailer series, sending up '70s educational video making. Rather than tracking down the magical flying city of Columbia, this time the fictional documentary makers are in search of clues relating to the magical underwater city of Rapture - the setting for the two-part DLC.

Reinstall: System Shock 2

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Reinstall invites you to join us in revisiting classics of PC gaming days gone by. This week, Cory takes a deep breath, braces himself, and journeys back into the hellish depths of the Von Braun in System Shock 2.

It’s still out there. I can hear it through the door, wandering around the hallway. I lean around the corner quickly to look, catching the back of its head as it turns the corner. “Is... someone... there?” I hear it ask, dragging a shotgun along and searching for the intruder – me. I have no ammo, and I’m out of psi-hypos. My only chance is to bludgeon it with a wrench before its friends show up. Seizing my chance, I rush out, holding the mouse button down in order to prep my wrench swing. But it sees me, shoves its shotgun out and shouts, “Kill... me!”

Ken Levine: SteamOS is "a brave and powerful idea"

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“I have a huge amount of confidence in Valve,” Ken Levine tells PC Gamer. The creative director of Irrational Games and writer of BioShock Infinite is excited about Valve’s newest plan for PC gaming: SteamOS. Levine took a break from working on Infinite’s Burial At Sea DLC (which he says is “nearing the end” of development) to discuss how Valve’s Linux-based operating system might change how we play games through our PCs.

BioShock Infinite sweepstakes offers chance to include your name in DLC

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The folks at Irrational Games are once again offering fame and fortune to a lucky few in a new contest, the winners of which will find their names somewhere in episode two of BioShock Infinite’s upcoming DLC, Burial at Sea.

New BioShock Infinite DLC to get late-July announcement

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BioShock Infinite will uncover its plans for a new set of DLC later this month, according to a report at IGN. We already know from the Season Pass bundle that we should be expecting at least three additional DLC expansions for the first-person shooter, and IGN hints in its story that a late July announcement could mark the first narrative-extending content from developer Irrational Games.

BioShock Infinite: Columbia's Finest DLC drops bonus items, not story

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We're still waiting for the DLC that fleshes out Columbia's bloody history, but Irrational Games has released the "Columbia's Finest" DLC pack in hopes of fleshing out your inventory instead.

System Shock 2: Source restoration mod abandoned, assets released to the public

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If you've been playing PC games for a while, there are two things you take for granted. 1) Someone, somewhere, will be upgrading a classic late-90s game into a more modern, and mod friendly engine. 2) Most mods will, at some point in their life, be abandoned by their creator(s). As such, it's hardly a surprise when these two likelihoods collide. That's what happened to SShock2Res - a Source engine remake of System Shock 2. But, while modder Mark Valentine is no longer planning to work on the project, he has released the complete asset work, giving others the chance to carry it on to completion.

System Shock 2 arrives on Steam

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The infection spreads. System Shock 2, the atmospheric and genre-defining brainchild of Bioshock:Infinite designer Ken Levine, has been released on Steam. Originally published in 1999, System Shock 2 blended RPG and FPS elements with a cyberpunk flair right out of a William Gibson techno-nightmare.