Infinite Crisis

Infinite Crisis open beta begins March 14, adds three new Champions

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Almost a year after it was first announced, Turbine’s DC Comics-themed MOBA Infinite Crisis will begin its open beta on March 14. To celebrate the event, Turbine’s also adding three new Champions: Green Arrow, Aquaman, and Mecha Superman.

Infinite Crisis launches Founders Program, lets players buy beta access

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Infinite CrisisTurbine’s foray into the MOBA space—has now opened up access to its Founders Program, offering immediate access to the closed beta with some extra goodies thrown in.

PC Gamer Podcast #357 - Sid Meier's Baconization

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This week we talk about the release of Dota 2 and Civilization V: Brave New World, Steam's Summer Sale, and Cory and Ben share their impressions on Infinite Crisis after just having spent time in the closed beta. We also examine this week's Grand Theft Auto V gameplay video.

Cause tourist town havoc in Infinite Crisis' new map

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There's just something about seaside resort hotels, gently swaying palm trees, and fruity cocktails in coconut-shell vessels that draws gamers in for a bit of escapism and relaxation. Oh, and also causing a ruckus and inciting panic amongst the few remaining tourists in town. Infinite Crisis is the latest to join the tropical madness conga line, with DC Comics superheroes flooding its new two-lane map Coast City.

Major League Gaming and Infinite Crisis join forces

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For a game that’s still in closed beta, Infinite Crisis is doing quite well for itself. The free-to-play MOBA has partnered with eSports behemoth, Major League Gaming, and will be among League of Legends and Black Ops II as a featured title in future competitions.

MOBA Madness: Five new games on the horizon, and how they measure up

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The MOBA/ARPG genre is exploding. From indie devs to mid-sized studios in international markets, the subgenre that began as a WarCraft III custom map is gaining traction and diversity. Over the last few weeks, we've taken a look at a fair few upcoming challengers in the arena. From a modern military MOBA/top-down shooter hybrid to a licensed effort with steampunk Batman, we've broken down where each one fits in, and what makes it different from what's already out there.

Bat-ass: Infinite Crisis is a DC Comics MOBA from Turbine

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Just about anything can be turned into a MOBA these days—gods, sequels, and even Gandalf. The spaghettified web of comic book worlds and their classic hero vs. villain pairings seems like a natural fit for the teamwork and ability synergy found in those games, and Turbine agrees, bridging characters from the DC comic books with MOBA mechanics in Infinite Crisis, which will be free to play later this year.