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PC Gamer US digs through its archive of old games

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The PC Gamer US staff recently packed up desks and moved across the office, which meant it was time to dig into some of the boxes crowding our shelves. We sorted through a treasure trove of old game discs and manuals, finding some great stuff—just about every Star Trek game on PC—and some even better stuff, like Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing 9.

Tom Senior

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Tom's dreams of becoming a famous adventurer were shattered at an early age when he fractured his wrist at a roller disco. Roller discos died out before Tom could take revenge, but that formative event taught him that his likelihood of survival in the wild were slim to none. Then, one day, he installed a game on his beige computer box and realised that you can have a perfectly good adventure sitting safely at home in a chair, and so began his foray into the wild lands of PC gaming.

And what adventures they were. He was a Necromancer in Diablo 2, a crack pilot in Wing Commander 3 and Freespace 2, a warlord in Alpha Centauri and a quiet angry man with a crowbar in Half-Life. Tom's secondary aspiration to become a a hardboiled detective was shattered in 2004 when he saw a fedora in real life, but his disappointment proved short-lived when he realised that people would pay money for words about those gaming adventures.

Tom joined PC Gamer in 2011 and has since written more than 3200 posts for and many words for PC Gamer UK magazine. Beard alignment: chaotic neutral.

You can read lots of his words here. He's on Twitter, too, if you're into that sort of thing.

Evan Lahti

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Evan Lahti is Executive Editor at PC Gamer. His gaming specialties are shooters, multiplayer shooters, and RPGs. His favorite recent games are Day Z, Dungeons of Dredmor, Tribes: Ascend, riding Josh Augustine's unending kill wave in League of Legends: Dominion, and M:TG 2013. Evan counts Starsiege: Tribes, MechCommander, Command & Conquer: Red Alert, Counter-Strike 1.6, and Team Fortress Classic as his most influential gaming experiences.

More than anything, Evan values the PC's world of varied communities: to Evan, machinima directors, speed-runners, military sim roleplayers, and obscure Doom mod message boards (like Chex Quest) are precious subcultures that don't exist anywhere else in gaming. Evan is especially drawn to co-op and emergent experiences, which explains his penchant for falling out of helicopters. Evan co-hosts a podcast about Arma 2, the Armacast.

Raised in the horse-obsessed rural township of Highland, MI (the first American city to have a high school equestrian team), Evan abandoned his training to become an international fencing champion and started a Counter-Strike clan. Only his ability to yell loudly into a microphone propelled him to the latter. Evan studied print journalism at North Central College in Naperville, IL.

Outside of gaming, Evan likes longboarding, fencing, gaming music, board games (Pandemic, Battlestar Galactica, Arkham Horror), Esquire magazine, Czech lager, and the Detroit Red Wings. His favorite keyboard shortcut is Alt + Tab.

Chris Thursten

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Tyler Wilde

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Born in Ottawa, Ontario but unable to withstand more than a couple Canadian winters, Tyler’s parents promptly relocated to Sunnyvale, California, where the temperatures are somewhat more moderate. Not that it mattered, as he remained indoors staring at his cyberpunk-green CRT monitor with the reflections of the characters in his glasses, just like in the movies. After that, it was all Zork and Myst and CompuServe and Klingon aliases and Bolo and Doom and Quake II CTF and messing up BIOSes and MoHAA and so on and so forth and so it was that Tyler became captivated by PC gaming and the promises of the digital revolution.

After studying illustration at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco and making web-stuff at GamesRadar for over four years, Tyler is elated to be further exploring new media with the exciting launch of PC Gamer Digital. He also plays the harmonica poorly, and is not above vandalizing the desks of Red Wings fans.

Tony Ellis

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Tony doesn't so much write about PC games these days as rewrite about them. As production editor for PC Gamer he inserts apostrophes for a living, murders widows and smothers orphans wherever he sees them. He applies spit and polish to other people's prose. Mainly spit. If your sentence is flabby he will use liposuction. If your modifier is dangling he will snip it off. If you say 'gameplay' he'll just punch you. In his spare time he enjoys metonymy, but believes synecdoche should only be practised by consenting adults in the privacy of their own homes. He is the grammar Nazi about whom your mother warned.

It wasn't always thus. For several years he was a freelance videogames journalist, which was OK in a jetting-around-the-world, having-other-people-buy-your-drinks kind of way. Before that he worked on various Future magazines, doing various things. Before that he went to Hull and back to get his English degree, and liked it so much he stayed for the MA. He likes cats. His hobbies include creative writing and C++. He is currently writing his own compiled programming language. Creatively. His dream game would be 'Alexander the Great vs Cthulhu: the Battle for Atlantis Begins'.

At Last I Am Born

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