Sniper Elite 3 DLC "Save Churchill," plus free new multiplayer map, now available

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Because killing Hitler was only half the job, you may now take on the job of saving the life of Prime Minster Winston Churchill, the original British Bulldog, in the first of a three-part Sniper Elite 3 DLC package entitled "Save Churchill."

The International 2014 will be broadcast on ESPN

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The 2014 edition of The International Dota 2 Championships, better known to gamers as simply The International, will be broadcast live on ESPN3, while an exclusive preview of the final match that will include an interview with Gabe Newell will be carried on ESPN2.

Final Fantasy XIV offers free weekend for inactive players

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Lapsed Final Fantasy XIV players will soon be able to jump back into the action, at least temporarily, on Square Enix's dime thanks to a "Free Login Weekend" that begins this Friday.

Pixel Boost: No One Lives Forever 2 at 1440p

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Twice a month, Pixel Boost guides you through the hacks, tricks, and mods you'll need to run a classic PC game on Windows 7/8. Each guide comes with a free side of 4K screenshots from the LPC celebrating the graphics of PC gaming's past. This week: Cate Archer lives forever (in our hearts).

It's been 12 years since the PC hosted the adventures of 1960s superspy Cate Archer. Twelve years too long. If you've played NOLF or its sequel, No One Lives Forever 2: A Spy in H.A.R.M.'s Way, you know why they're some of the best shooters of all time: smart AI, inventive weaponry, and an endlessly witty script. They were also some of the best-looking games of the early 2000s, which means they hold up remarkably well today--with a little tinkering to add widescreen support and higher resolutions. While the rights to the NOLF games have been lost to legal limbo for years, a trademark filing back in May could hint that they'll finally show up on Steam or GOG in the future. For now, the only way to play them is to load up a trusty old CD copy. If you've got one, it's time to Pixel Boost.

Hearthstone's Curse Of Naxxramas expansion is out Tuesday

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Good news, friends. Curse of Naxxramas, the single-player expansion for Blizzard’s debilitatingly addictive card battler Hearthstone, will be released on 22 July. As previously revealed, the content—which sees players taking on a string of bespoke boss encounters based on the World of Warcraft raid—is split into five wings, which will be unlocked one by one over the course of five weeks.

Indie Pinata offers individual discounts on "curated" game collection

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Another day, another indie game bundle, but the Indie Pinata is a little bit different. Put together by developer Crunching Koalas, it's a collection of games similar in one way or another to its recently released MouseCraft. But rather than gathering them all together into a single package, it offers individual discounts to every game in the list to anyone who buys, or already owns, at least one of them.

Yogscast respond to cancelled Yogventures, say its failure is a "deep regret"

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It's been an interesting week for YouTube outfit Yogscast. Over the weekend, their "YogDiscovery" revenue share program kicked off a discussion about the ethics and legality of YouTube promotion and disclosure. Now they've announced that Yogventures, a Kickstarter project in development by Winterkewl Games, has been cancelled.

Minecraft developer says narrower arms provide a more feminine look

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Minecraft developer Jens Bergensten tweeted earlier this week about testing a three-pixel arm model, a slight modification of the standard four-pixel arm that Steve has been swinging around for the past five years. It seemed like an odd thing to do, so we asked him why, and he told us.

David Braben expresses desire to future-proof Elite: Dangerous

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Are you the type of person who, on first starting a game, immediately heads to the options to max out every graphical setting? Do you get physically excited by the knowledge that your rig can smoothly run the latest games at their highest settings? Well that's a shame because, with Elite: Dangerous, David Braben would like to target its most advanced graphical effects at PCs that don't even exist yet.

League of Legends video talks you through the changes and tweaks of patch 4.12

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It must be strange, for those on the outside, to see just how passionately lane-pushing fans care about seemingly the smallest changes to the games they love. Simple tweaks, buffs and balance changes can cause wild, uncontrollable forum fury. When Riot do finally release the new Summoner's Rift, I'm expecting the streets to fill with angry protesters in Pentakill t-shirts.

In patch 4.12, League of Legends received jungle timers—an easy way for players to check the spawn time on certain jungling monsters. In a new "Patch Rundown" video, some of Riot's development team try to reassure Evil Geniuses' Snoopeh that there is, in fact, any point to this whatsoever.

Push Me Pull You trailer shows local multiplayer fun (and horrifying worm-people)

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The competitive local multiplayer scene is in a great place right now. Should you require a way to prove a very specific type of dominance, there are multiple, excellent options: Nidhogg, Towerfall Ascension, Samurai Gunn and Gang Beasts, to name four. Could Push Me Pull You wrestle its way into that list? Really that depends on how much you want to play as bizarre worm-people, grappling and grabbing for possession of a ball.

Titanfall 'Dig Site' map to feature in Frontier's Edge pack; screenshots and details released

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In much the same way they did with the Expedition DLC pack, Respawn is drip feeding details on the second Titanfall map add-on. Entitled Frontier's Edge, the three maps will feature 'Dig Site' among them, which Respawn has detailed in a new blogpost.

Clockwork Empires set for "Earliest Access" launch on July 18

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Gaslamp Games is taking Early Access to the next level with an "Earliest Access" release of Clockwork Empires. It's pretty much exactly what it sounds like: Buy the game now, get upgraded to the Steam Early Access version when it's ready and then get yet another upgrade to the full version on launch day.

Minecraft developer teases character model update with three-pixel arms

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Minecraft developer Jens Bergensten has revealed on Twitter that players may soon be able to opt for slimmer, three-pixel-wide arms for their characters. As for why, that isn't quite so clear.

Rainbow Six Siege live gameplay stream set for Thursday on Twitch, E3 trailer out now

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Rainbow Six Siege was a surprise hit for Ubisoft at E3—perhaps the biggest surprise of the show. For those who missed the excitement the first time around, an "E3 Awards" trailer filled with all sorts of nice quotes and a few bits of unfamiliar footage is now out on YouTube, and Ubisoft Montreal will be hosting a live gameplay session Thursday on Twitch.

Battlefield Hardline "Community's Most Wanted" lists ten more changes in the works

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It's not often that "fewer explosions" tops a game studio's to-do list, especially when the game in question is something like Battlefield Hardline. But it's number one on the latest edition of the "Community's Most Wanted" list of changes Electronic Arts and Visceral is making to the game.

Activision sued by former Panama dictator Manuel Noriega over unauthorized Black Ops 2 appearance

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Manuel Noriega was the dictator of Panama for most of the 1980s, until he was removed from power by way of a U.S. invasion. His villainous exploits landed him a small role in Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, but his image was used without permission, and that has led to what has to be today's most bizarre lawsuit.

Star Citizen raises $48 million, future stretch goal promises "alien languages"

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Ah, I remember the days when Star Citizen's expanding warchest felt like a miraculous and important thing. "Gee willikers, mister," I'd write, my face yet to be blemished by months of deleting iOS press releases, "Star Citizen has raised $9 million!" "Wowzas!" I'd later exclaim, not yet driven pallid and sickly from the mysterious substance pouring out of PC Gamer's coffee machine, "$17 million is a lot of money!" Only a year later, and that growing total is no longer a surprise. It simply is—a universal constant that weathers the chaos and turmoil of indifferent mathematics.

Er, by which I mean Star Citizen has raised $48 million.

The Sims 2 is being retired, EA to give owners a free Ultimate Collection upgrade

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The Sims 2 has lived a long and productive life. It was born, it made lots of friends, it worked at H&M for a period, and now it's ready to retire. In an email sent out to Sims 2 owners, EA claim that the game will "lose technical support" next week, on 22 July. As a concession to the game's owners, all copies registered digitally through Origin will be upgraded to the Ultimate Collection—a complete edition containing every expansion pack and "stuff pack" released for almost 10-year-old game.

Halfway: turn-based sci-fi survival launches on PC next week

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Most turn-based tactical RPG fans are currently being well served by the excellent Divinity: Original Sin. But if you're the kind of RPG devotee who prefers sci-fi to fantasy, pixels to polygons, and creeping dread to tongue-in-cheek adventure: firstly, that's some very specific taste you have; secondly, Halfway could fit the bill. Its claustrophobic deep space action is being unleashed onto Steam and the Humble Store next week, 22 July.