Tomb Raider E3 demo shoots bows, battles goons, falls off waterfall

[VAMS id="nIHJk9RIMt7c7"]

E3 has finally delivered a lingering look at Lara's new adventure, and has left me with conflicting impressions. It's beautiful, but narrow. The demo shows Lara fighting her way through a winding corridor staffed by goons. She dispatches them with a flaming bow with more callousness than she showed that deer in the recent Tomb Raider trailer and then proceeds to fall over things, into things and through things, becoming progressively more and more battered with every tumble.

Most of the footage of the game so far has shown Lara being beaten bloody. It's painful to watch, but there's a bit of promise at the end when Lara stands up and is confronted by a huge, exotic vista. If we get the opportunity to properly explore that, Tomb Raider could be rather good.


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