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Windows 8 store now accepting PEGI 18 rated games

Phil Savage at

Back in October, Microsoft took some flak when it was discovered that the Windows 8 app certification requirements blocked games with a rating above PEGI 16 from being accepted onto the storefront. And rightfully so, because it was silly.

Today Microsoft have corrected that oversight with new guidelines that will allow mature games onto the Windows Store, provided they have a PEGI rating.

Windows Store changes guidelines to allow Mature and PEGI 18 games

Tom Senior at

A couple of weeks ago analysis from tech blogger Casey Muratori revealed restrictions in the Windows Store's certification requirements that would exclude Mature games from the Windows 8 storefront. The US ESRB Mature rating overlaps with Europe's PEGI 18 rating. As a result, major releases like Dishonored and Skyrim would be excluded from the shop in the EU.

Will Windows Store take on Steam?

Adam Oxford at

Have you tried Windows 8 yet? According to Microsoft, over half a million people downloaded the developer build of the new operating system within 24 hours of it being released to the public at the start of the BUILD conference in Seattle this week.

You can get your copy of Windows 8 to try out here, although you should be warned that it's not stable enough to use as an everyday OS just yet.