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Realm of the Mad God devs acquired by social games company Kabam

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The team behind bonkers indie MMORPG-shooter-thing Realm of the Mad God, Wild Shadow Studios, has been acquired by social games company Kabam.

Kabam's roster of browser-based social games includes Edgeworld, Kingdoms of Camelot, and The Godfather: Five Families. Gamasutra report that SpryFox - creators of Triple Town and SteamBirds - have sold their stake in Wild Shadow but designer Willem Rosenthal will stay involved in Realm of the Mad God as it continues to grow.

Realm of the Mad God review

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The Steam release of Realm of the Mad God marks a new mainstream focus for the free-to-play browser MMO. It’s a combination of Rogue, Robotron and Diablo, an isometric fantasy shooter where quests are handed to you on the fly, where you’re never given a reason to stop running, shooting, or farming experience – until you die, and your character is deleted forever. It’s simplistic and supremely silly, but also one of the most distinctive multiplayer experiences around.