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Dead Space 3 screenshots show serene space drifting, demoralizing graffiti

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Dead Space 3's Isaac Clarke isn't averse to staying in shape while combating the nightmarish forces of OH GOD WHY. All it takes is a suitable trigger for cranking up the cardio -- in this case, a friendly message of discouragement adorned upon a wall in "revulsion red" color. Off Isaac goes, soaking in a spiritually cleansing (and oxygen-depriving) spacewalk after hurling himself out the nearest airlock. A short followup jog through a hallway seemingly ripped directly from a Q-Zar arena keeps that pulse pumping. Check out shots from Isaac's refreshing regimen inside.

Dead Space devs making free-to-play MOBA, evidence suggests

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It's quite a leap, from third-person horror games to free-to-play MOBA, but a recent job adverts suggests that's what Dead Space developers Visceral are indeed working on next. As discovered by IGN, the listing for Global Community Manager states that candidates are expected to have an "unhealthy passion for MOBA games," plus "significant experience managing online communities." Meanwhile, the character designer listing asks for "Work experience on MOBA, Action RTS, Action RPG, or Related Genres". Piecing all the available evidence together, we reckon Visceral might be making a MOBA.

Dead Space 3 video trips the fright fantastic with 17-minute single-player run

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I'll say it now: The unluckiest man lucky enough for a career in space is Dead Space 3 survivor and persistent punching bag Isaac Clarke. I'm slightly surprised station managers and ship captains aren't festooning signs saying "All welcome here except that Isaac Clarke loser." Trouble of the nightmarish horror variety always follows the slightly unhinged engineer-turned-monster-slayer even when scrounging derelicts for parts, answers, and hopefully a better-looking helmet than a blocky pressure cooker. See for yourself in the lengthy single-player walkthrough video inside and our preview.

Dead Space 3 announced, will have co-op, outdoors, bigger monsters

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Dead Space 3 was shown at E3 earlier today. The demo made a move away from the dark, narrow corridors of the first two games. It showed Isaac and a new companion fighting alongside on the surface of a snowy planet as monsters with giant glowing orange weak spots assaulted them. Familiar scenes to anyone who's played the first Lost Planet.

Dead Space 2 DLC on PC via 3.4 Kb save file

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Turns out the Dead Space 2 DLC, that was supposedly console specific, is available to unlock in the PC build. EA had previously told The Escapist that the DLC would not make it to the PC version, but users are reporting a save file is all that's required to unlock the extra suits and weapons.

Visceral hear disabled gamer, have started work on Dead Space 2 patch

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Yesterday we mentioned the problems of a disabled gamer with Cerebral Palsy, who couldn't play Dead Space 2 because of a lack of key mapping features. A petition was launched asking Visceral to add key mapping to the game. It got more than 20,000 signatures. Visceral have responded today to say that a PC patch is on the way to fix the problem.

Dead Space 2 review

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The “Previously, on Dead Space” video is a nice touch, though it reminds me how similar Dead Space 2’s premise and gameplay are to the last one. This time Isaac Clarke awakens on a facility on Saturn’s moon Titan, three years after the rescue-mission-gone-awry on the mining ship Ishimura, and finds a very familiar situation: Titan is overrun with space zombies called Necromorphs that have set about the meticulous dismemberment of everyone in sight—and he’s still having hallucinations of his dead girlfriend.

It also highlights that DS2 is a better sci-fi horror game, in a lot of subtle but important ways.

Dead Space 2: Severed won't be coming to PC

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EA have stated outright that the two-mission DLC pack 'Severed' for Dead Space 2 will not be available on PC.

In a simple statement to VG247, EA said: “Dead Space 2: Severed will not be available on the PC”

The pack contains two missions where players take on the roles of the protagonists from Dead Space: Extraction, in a story that runs parallel to the Dead Space 2 narrative.

EA offered no explanation as to why the DLC would be console exclusive.

Dead Space 2 available to pre-load on Steam, Dead Space on sale

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Dead Space 2 is now available to pre-purchase on Steam. Once bought, the game can be pre-downloaded to give you instant access when it's released tomorrow. To celebrate, the original Dead Space is currently on sale with 66% off. If you pre-order Dead Space 2 that discount rises to 75%. Not a bad deal for a sizeable chunk of interstellar horror.

Buy Dead Space 2, get Dragon Age 2 armour. Single tear rolls down dev's face

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EA are offering bonus content for Dragon Age 2 with new purchases of Dead Space 2. Those who pick up Dead Space 2 next Friday will find a code inside to unlock Isaac's armour rig for their Dragon Age character. Read on for the details and a trailer.

New Dead Space 2 multiplayer footage features evil babies

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Dead Space did a great job of throwing its wrong-place-wrong-time hero, Isaac Clark, through a terrifying ordeal in which the silence and isolation of the infested space ship provided as many scares as the monsters themselves. Dead Space 2 is introducing a new kind of fear with its multiplayer mode. It's less: "it's quiet ... too quiet", and more: "get this freaking baby thing off my face!" Check out the new footage of the multiplayer mode, embedded below, and you'll know what I mean.

New Dead Space 2 trailer is creepy as hell

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The new Dead Space 2 trailer is bringing the scares. Don't Visceral Games know that Halloween is over? Judging by the horrible rendition of an old nursery rhyme they've used as a soundtrack to this video, evidently not. The trailer is embedded below, prepare to be a little bit creeped out.