Introducing Stinky the Gaming Footboard--yes, playing with your feet is going to become a thing

Katie Williams at

Here's the silliest-named thing in gaming since the Wii—who on earth would be proud to say, "Oh, yeah, I'm going to play with my Stinky tonight?" Turns out some guys might know better than I, because they've just successfully crowdfunded a gaming peripheral by that name. The Stinky Footboard aims to join the keyboard and mouse in a competitive gaming trifecta, allowing you to almost-literally stomp all over your foes.

Shadowrun Returns announces June release date, details for backers

Chris Barylick at

Not only did Harebrained Schemes crush its $400,000 Shadowrun ReturnsKickstarter campaign goal, raising over $1.8 million dollars as of last count, it has also released a torrent of new information for backers and interested players alike.