Telltale reveal Back to the Future character details

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The Back to the Future website has been updated with information about the characters that we'll be meeting in episode one, and some hints at where we'll be headed in future episodes of the time travelling adventure series.

First episode of Back to the Future currently free

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Earlier we mentioned that Telltale's episodic Back to the Future was coming in December. Savygamer has spotted a chance to get the first episode for free. Simply head to the Telltale offer page and click the gigantic 'redeem' button, then create a free Telltale account. You'll need to give it your home address, but that's it: you're now the proud owner of BttF Episode 1. You might want to hurry, though, as there's no indication as to how long this offer will last.

Behind the scenes on Back to the Future game

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Telltale, creators of the recent Sam and Max adventure games and last year's Monkey island episodes, are working on a Back to the Future game. The adventure will span five episodes, and they're releasing Behind the Scenes videos as development goes along. We've embedded the three released thus far below. Pay special attention to the sound-alike voice actor doing Marty McFly - he's kind of incredible.