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Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition announced, will bundle DLC and improve graphics

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Sleeping Dogs is a game about an undercover Hong Kong cop, whose conflicted sense of loyalty causes him to grab random civilians and smash their faces repeatedly and psychotically into a pork bun stand. At least, that's how I played it. The combination of misplaced loyalty and random violence clearly resonated with others, too, as Square Enix have announced a "Definitive Edition", due out this October. It will not only package up all 24 bits of DLC, but also upgrade the graphics.

Sleeping Dogs successor announced, dubbed Triad Wars

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Sleeping Dogs took a strange trip before it hit retail shelves and digital download services. It started out as another entry in the True Crime series before Activision cancelled it in 2011. Then, Square Enix picked it up and re-branded it as a new game with developer United Front Games. Sleeping Dogs released in August 2012 with overall positive reviews, and now United Front Games is teasing a successor.

Sleeping Dogs' October DLC releases include street racing, SWAT, and strategic soldiers

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Undercover Detective Wei Shen's Triad shenanigans in Sleeping Dogs involve plenty of activities beyond strong-arming street vendors and butterfly-kicking random civilians, and he'll soon have more diversions at his disposal. Developer United Front Games and publisher Square Enix plan a bevy of DLC content in October to furnish the open-world action-adventure with additional racing activities, cop missions, and weapons across five content packs releasing throughout the month.

Sleeping Dogs mod adds first-person perspective, TrackIR support

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A memory edit for open world swordfish-'em-up Sleeping Dogs has freed up camera control, allowing you to roam the streets of Hong Kong in first person. Or second person, if you fancy shifting the camera over into the passenger seat. It also adds support for head tracking, something modder Racer_S has previously worked into Need For Speed: The Run.

Sleeping Dogs demo now available on Steam

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If Sleeping Dogs has you unsure of whether it's worth your hard-earned cash, now's your chance to give it a try as Square Enix have released the Sleeping Dogs demo on Steam. It features an on foot pursuit through a crowded market, chasing down a rival gang member before beating him to a bloody pulp. This is followed by a warehouse section that shows off Sleeping Dog's slow motion shooting.

If you like what you see, rest assured there's plenty of content on its way as Square Enix have announced that they have six months of Sleeping Dogs DLC planned. Also, be sure to check out Sleeping Dogs' PC-specific features.

Square Enix pushed for extra features in Sleeping Dogs PC port

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The PC port of open-world crime-a-rama Sleeping Dogs packs some neat toys such as high-res textures and DX11 support, but that extra effort may not have happened before publisher Square Enix took control. A PA Report interview reveals Square Enix actually pushed for the inclusion of those features as well as the retention of in-house development for the port.

Sleeping Dogs PC-specific features include DX11 support, high-res texture pack, and more

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It's almost time to wake up some Sleeping Dogs, but first, we PC folks are being thrown a bone (ha ha, dog jokes). A trailer for the soon-to-be-released open world crime drama (preview here) runs down the PC-specific features we can expect, including DX11 support, multi-GPU support, a day-one high-res texture pack, and "increased world density," which isn't fully clarified.

Sleeping Dogs E3 screenshots show racing, cleavers, man surprised by giant blurry gun

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Sleeping Dogs is the martial-arts-and-gunplay open-world action game that previously went by the name True Crime: Hong Kong. I went to see it recently: it's shaping up quite nicely. The melee combat takes after the Arkham Asylum games, albeit with far more enthusiasm for jamming people's faces into pointy things (and vice versa.) The driving also benefits from the devs' past experience on the Need for Speed series. Check out our most recent preview for more information.

The new screenshots cast some light on the range of activities that undercover cop Wei Shen will be engaging in while taking down the Hong Kong Triad. As any undercover police officer knows, crimes get solved faster the more cars you set on fire from the back of your awesome motorbike.

Sleeping Dogs trailer talks Triads, tough cops and Hong Kong justice

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Sleeping Dogs: True Crime reboot set in Hong Kong, out this year

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Square have announced John Woo film: The Game, officially titled "Sleeping Dogs." It's a reboot of the True Crime series, which Square Enix picked up from Activision back in 2010. It'll be "a gritty and visceral openworld cop drama set in the vibrant city of Hong Kong." It looks a bit like GTA, except with more meat cleavers. It's out "in the second half" of this year.

The debut trailer above features a tattooed chap doing terrible things to a small army of attacking goons. Really, REALLY terrible things, with meat hooks and cleavers and bullets. We hope he sees the full might of the criminal justice system.

Judging from the new screenshots below, we'll be playing as him. If Sleeping Dogs stays true to classic Hong Kong cop dramas, he's probably an undercover cop, and one of his best cop friends is probably a criminal mole, a disparity that can only be resolved by killing everyone on both sides and then having a car chase. See one of those car chases and a good deal of shooting in these first screenshots.