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Camp Keepalive releases today, is pretty much Friday the 13th in turn-based strategy form

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Summer might be coming to an end, but there's still time to indulge in that most traditional of holiday pastimes: getting chopped up by a supernatural psycho who's basically a homing missile for promiscuous American teenagers. 80s-horror-inspired turn-based strategy Camp Keepalive had a demo release back in February, and today the full thing has launched on Desura. As a quartet of counselors, you have to defend your campers from a pack of murderous monsters, including clowns, wolfmen, and Jason Voorhees-a-likes.

Camp Keepalive is what happens when turn-based strategy meets an 80s slasher movie

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Friday the 13th gave us so many things: a much better sequel, the first of many on-screen deaths for Kevin 'I just wanna dance/turn invisible/sell mobile phones' Bacon, and an abiding fear of going anywhere near teenagers, lest Jason Voorhees turns up to get creative with his machete. However, it's also indirectly responsible - along with the tremendous Sleepaway Camp - for the upcoming turn-based splattery game (see what I did there?) Camp Keepalive, so I guess it's not all bad. (I replaced the word 'strategy' with 'splattery', is what I'm saying.) Your job is to "save the helpless and dull-witted campers from an onslaught of monsters with a team of counsellors, each with a special power." I have been waiting for this game my whole life.