New Arma 3 community guide zeroes in on snipers and launchers

Patrick Carlson at

Dust off your ghillie suit and shoulder your missile launcher: the new Arma 3 community guide video has you in its sights. Produced by Arma community member Dslyecxi, the new guide deals exclusively with sniper tactics and launcher strategies in the Bohemia Interactive military sim.

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn flaunts its new world

Perry Vandell at

A Realm Reborn has certainly come a long, long way in looking better than the piece of chocobo dung that was the original Final Fantasy XIV. The above video fails to show the quest system, UI or any PVP battles whatsoever, but the new environments actually look like places we’d like to explore. However, looking fun is a far cry from actually being fun.

Stay on the cutting edge of Bloodline Champions with our in-depth guide to Grimrog

Lucas Sullivan at

Tutorial videos are the best way to learn the ropes of a new character when stepping into the arena of any MOBA. You can forget the stress of trial-by-fire and just sit back and enjoy a step-by-step manual on how to own face. That's why we've begun recruiting some of the top shoutcasters and video guide-makers to bring you guides to new MOBA champions as they come out. Up first, we've got an in-depth guide to Grimrog, the newest bloodline to join the roster of Bloodline Champions, who just went live yesterday. BLC shoutcasting all-star Kast (with a K!) is on the mic, and if you haven't heard of him yet, let us assure you that this guy knows his stuff! Want to learn how to make your enemies kneel before your burst damaging, debuff-and-heal blasting self? All you have to do is press play.

Fallout: New Vegas GECK Tutorial

Richard Cobbett at

One thing you’ll have noticed while wandering through the lonely New Vegas wastelands is that the post-apocalyptic world isn’t the most progressive place. Never mind rebuilding civilisation – most of these survivor-types are too lazy to even move the corpses out of the bathtub when they take a soak.

Luckily, you’re here to help. You might not be able to teach these tattered scavengers to rebuild their world for themselves, but you can lead by example by using the GECK – the Garden of Eden Creation Kit.

It’s precisely what you’d expect the app Bethesda used created the original game to be, which is to say fearsomely, terrifyingly complicated. To build a full quest, complete with dialogue, missions and more, would be one hell of an undertaking, whether you have modding experience or not. However, there are less ambitious projects that are just as rewarding. How about a swish pad of your own where you can stash your gear? That’s very easy to get the hang of, and over the next twelve steps, I’ll show you exactly how to build it.