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Breach and Clear: Deadline preview: realism is out, zombies are in

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I see a four-man squad sprint through a destroyed city street, cars overturned and craters in the road. I’m sure that any minute they’ll rush to the door of a crumbling building, kick it in, and take down the terrorists inside with surgical precision. Instead, they run blindly through the hole in a nearby wall, begin wildly firing at a horde zombies, and throw my expectations back out on the street.

Dean Hall: "I would love to make a DayZ turn-based Jagged Alliance game."

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DayZ creator Dean Hall is full of ideas. On the heels of his successful Mount Everest climb, he's already talking about the next game he wants to make: a mountaineering game. But speaking with him at E3, that isn't the only game concept gestating in the New Zealander's brain: Hall has an interest in making a turn-based version of DayZ, too.

In this first segment of our conversation, Hall details what a Jagged Alliance-ified DayZ might look like. Come back tomorrow for a continuation of our interview that focuses on DayZ standalone and Hall's mountaineering game.

New Jagged Alliance game coming from Space Hulk developer

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Per the cool cats at Eurogamer, Danish studio Full Control has announced that the company has signed a licensing agreement with bitComposer Games to develop and publish a new (hooray), turn-based (hooray), multiplatform (hmm) game in the Jagged Alliance franchise.

Might & Magic X Legacy announced, dodge a bunch of cards in the debut trailer

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The Heroes of Might and Magic series has always been straightforward. The games are about might and magic. Heroes are involved. Ampersands are wielded. And now we're getting it all from a first-person view in Might & Magic X Legacy, the next entry in the long-running fantasy franchise from developer Limbic Entertainment and publisher Ubisoft.

The Banner Saga's free-to-play multiplayer prologue released on Steam

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The Banner Saga, you'll recall, is an upcoming tactical RPG made by Stoic, a company comprised of former BioWare developers. The game's not expected until the middle of this year, but to whet our appetites in the meantime, Stoic have released Factions - a multiplayer, free-to-play prologue. The download, available on Steam, features an opening cutscene, a battle tutorial, and thereafter the option to engage your fellow internet Vikings in quick skirmishes or the occasional tournament.

Sword of the Stars spin-off The Pit released on GamersGate

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We didn't think much of Sword of the Stars 2 the first or second time around, but perhaps its roguelikey spin-off The Pit will fare better. The dungeon-crawling sci-fi RPG has just been released exclusively on GamersGate - presumably it will hit other online stores later - and this demo should give you some idea of whether it's the pits or not. More details below.