Get in the robot, kill some space angels, in this turn-based tactical mecha battler

An upcoming tactics roguelike will see you take the sticks of a giant robot and do battle with interstellar Archangels come to obliterate humanity's cities. Massive Galaxy Studios' Arc Seed will be a combination of turn-based tactics and deckbuilding combined with longer-term roguelite strategy requiring you to upgrade and coordinate the defenses of your city.

Each run of the game will start with you choosing your pilot and mech, then preparing the city's defenses and your equipment for battle. Your mech's equipment will be decided by its deck, which changes as you mix weapons and systems. The battles with alien angels will take place in a destructible city environment, and things like pushing and pulling buildings into angels, or crushing them between two buildings, will be an option.

Arc Seed was featured during today's Realms Deep 2023 presentations.

Another layer of strategy in Arc Seed  will be making the cities themselves into fortresses. "Buy Artillery, Tanks and even other Mechs to face the incoming threat," says the game description. You'll get more funding by doing your job well: Saving people. If you ensure the population is evacuated in time you'll be better able to use those buildings as a combat element.

It's a good vibe. Everyone loves strange space invaders, and angels sprouting from interstellar seeds sounds delicious to my Evangelion-fueled brain. Arc Seed had a short lived alpha test earlier this year that was public, so keep an eye on that Steam page if you'd want to participate in future ones.

You can find Arc Seed on Steam and on its official website. It's made by Massive Galaxy Studios, a one-person dev based in Lisbon, Portugal.

Jon Bolding is a games writer and critic with an extensive background in strategy games. When he's not on his PC, he can be found playing every tabletop game under the sun.