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The PC Gamer Show episode 1: Killing Floor 2, Nidhogg, 4K gaming

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It's The PC Gamer Show! For episode one, we talked to Tripwire Interactive about upcoming shooter Killing Floor 2, played a high stakes game of Nidhogg with serious embarrassment on the line, and got our hands on a new Samsung 4K monitor.

Killing Floor 2 video showcases five monstrosities ripe for the killing

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Killing Floor 2 still has no solid release date, but Tripwire Interactive continues to feed us morsels of information regarding the brutal FPS horror. This time it's a video showcasing all the monstrosities you'll have the opportunity to shoot at. According to the studio this is "never before seen confidential footage froma series of specimen training videos utilized by Horzine Biotech's Security Force". It's also all in-engine footage.

We've killed 20 billion zeds since Killing Floor launched five years ago

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Time sure does fly by when you’re having fun (also guts). Killing Floor is celebrating its fifth birthday, and Tripwire has shared an infographic of impressive numbers and trivia to mark the occasion. Did you know that Killing Floor was originally released as an Unreal Tournament 2004 total conversion mod in 2005? Or that the retail version we know and love, and which went on to gain 3 million players, was first developed by a team of 10 people in just 3 months?

Show Us Your Rig: Killing Floor 2 developer David Hensley

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Tripwire Art Director and co-owner David Hensley has three PC setups for work and for play. His desk at Tripwire's Atlanta offices—where the team is at work on Killing Floor 2—includes three monitors, ambient lighting, and framed ghoulish artwork, fitting inspiration for the zeds he and his team bring to life. His home setups are even more diverse: a Wacom tablet on an easel, a dedicated audio workstation, and multiple streaming setups let him play games in the living room, bedroom, or even the bathroom.

Interview with Tripwire's John Gibson: "Microsoft's done their best to kill gaming on PC for as long as I can remember"

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In April, I spent an entire day at Tripwire Interactive's office in Atlanta, Georgia getting the first look at Killing Floor 2. We talked about KF2's new gore system (enemies burst apart dynamically in 19 places), blood system (every drop of blood stays on the map for an entire match), and new guns, which live up to Tripwire's reputation for accuracy.

I also spent a good deal of time talking to Tripwire president John Gibson about PC gaming at large—his thoughts on SteamOS and the Steam Controller, Epic's Unreal Engine 4, and Battlefield 4's ongoing issues. As always, he had strong opinions about the present problems and future possibilities of PC gaming. His boldest prediction: almost every PC game will end up on Linux eventually, and PC gaming will thrive as a result.

Get this exclusive Killing Floor 2 skin in the print edition of PC Gamer US #254

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"Dosh here, grab it while it's hot!"  Killing Floor 2 exists. The follow-up to the gory, cooperative, wave-based shooter impressed Wes when he went to visit Tripwire in Georgia for our exclusive first look. Coupled with our coverage of Killing Floor 2 in our magazine, though, is a special gift: a unique character skin that you can only get by buying the print magazine.

Red Orchestra 2 one-day deal will let you download and keep the game for free

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Steam has a peculiar history with the word "free", thanks to its regular Free Weekends. Through them, you can get a free trial of the entirety of a game across a limited two-day period. Red Orchestra 2 will soon have one of these weekends, and an overall discount to go along with it. Even freer, though, is a deal that will go live for the multiplayer shooter later today. For a 24-hour period, you'll be able to download (and keep) the game forever, for free.

2013 in PC gaming: Rising Storm vs. Battlefield 4

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Before running away for a few days to close out the year with champagne and a new XCOM campaign, Evan, Cory, and Tyler gathered to discuss how two of our favorite 64-player shooters created very different experiences this year. Watch the whole five-video series on the PC Gamer YouTube channel, and subscribe to our YouTube channel for more regular content, gameplay footage, and conversations.

Killing Floor's Twisted Christmas event is back with two new maps

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Grab a cup of eggnog, a candy cane, some other Christmas clichés, and celebrate the holiday with developer Tripwire Interactive's fourth annual Killing Floor Twisted Christmas event. This year it brings us two new maps, "Hell" and "Forgotten," both from the mind of community mapper swift_brutal_death. That to me just screams holiday cheer, or maybe what we're all wishing for anyway as we untangle the Christmas lights.

Tripwire: "SteamOS, Steam Machines, and Steam Controller will be the best thing to happen to PC gaming since digital distribution"

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John Gibson has been making PC-exclusive games for more than a decade. As President of Tripwire Interactive, he’s helped push Killing Floor, Red Orchestra 2, Rising Storm out the door of the developer’s Roswell, Georgia studio. He also happens to have a pretty nice sound system for his PC. We asked Gibson to weigh in on Valve’s trinity of announcements.

Rising Storm Island Assault free content pack adds new map, weapons, mode

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As if my FPS plate wasn’t full enough already with MechWarrior Online, Arma 3, and Shadow Warrior, Tripwire Interactive just published a free content update for Rising Storm (one of our favorite shooters of the year) and Red Orchestra 2 that adds a new map and a Multiplayer Campaign mode, among other improvements.

Red Orchestra 2 update brings more contest winning maps

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Tripwire Interactive have executed the final phase of an almost half-year long rescue mission. After identifying the winning maps of a $35,000 mapping contest, they managed to smuggle the first batch into Red Orchestra 2 back in April. Now, they've returned, and those that were left behind have become the brave survivors of Operation: Counterattack Map Pack 2.

Rising Storm mapping contest boasts $26,000 prize pool

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How I Game: John Gibson — President, Tripwire Interactive

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Guns, guns, and more guns might just be some of John Gibson's favorite things—he's the President of Tripwire Interactive, the studio behind Red Orchestra and Killing Floor.

Killing Floor Pier of Pain event adds new mode, map, and weapons, first gameplay video inside

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Tripwire continues to create reasons to hop back into its four-year old co-op shooter. After bestowing a low-grav moon base map last Christmas, Killing Floor kicks off a new holiday event tomorrow, the Summer Sideshow Pier of Pain, bringing with it the first new mode since it released.

Rising Storm review

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Vulnerability is an underused tool of FPS developers. Plenty of shooters empower us—by stamping experience points across the screen when we bag a kill, by handing us exaggerated guns or an array of increasingly fancy hats—but what pervades Rising Storm is the feeling that you aren’t a soldier-superman. You’re a set of fatigues wrapped around fragile humanity, ready to lose your dogtags.

Rising Storm release date announced - Red Orchestra 2's Pacific expansion lands tomorrow

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Tripwire have announced the release date for Rising Storm, their Pacific-based standalone expansion to Red Orchestra 2. As well as the new setting, it promises ferocious asymmetrical battles, authentic weaponry, and soldier morale. If all that sounds like something you'll need time to mentally prepare for, then bad news: the World War 2 multiplayer FPS will be invading Steam tomorrow.

Tripwire on making games moddable: "It's a lot of work. But I think that it's worth it."

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Tripwire Interactive is one of the handful of studios that have made the jump from modest modding origins to professional, full-time, make-your-mom-proud game development. Until last year, the studio operated out of the bottom floor of a Georgia church. And through releasing Red Orchestra 2 and the 1.7-million-selling Killing Floor (originally a mod), Tripwire has encouraged and regularly rewarded modders and map-makers.

As Red Orchestra 2 was being developed, Tripwire committed to creating an SDK during development, allowing modders to get cracking before the game's release. With modding support for modern games less ubiquitous than we'd like it to be, I asked Tripwire President John Gibson how hard it was for Tripwire to build mod support while they were developing the game itself.

Red Orchestra 2 reinforces with new maps and free Steam weekend

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Tripwire's World War 2-based multiplayer shooter Red Orchestra 2 has just received an update adding four free new maps! And there's a free Steam weekend, giving you a chance to try out the game! And, right now, it's ridiculously cheap from a variety of places! You would think all these things would be cause for celebration. But no, war is a harrowing exercise in futility and despair and, given Tripwire's dedication to accuracy, they've marked the occasion with a thoroughly bleak trailer.

Rising Storm gameplay demo and video interview

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Last week at GDC, I visited Tripwire Interactive's spot on the expo floor to get an updated gander at Rising Storm. Come watch Tripwire President John Gibson and External Producer Tony Gillham walk me through a gameplay demonstration against AI enemies and answer questions.