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Train Simulator 2014 announced as a free upgrade to 2013 edition

Phil Savage at

Train Simulator is an unstoppable juggernaut, and it's not going to let something as trivial as annual iteration slow down its high-speed journey through the world of digital sim distribution. What started as Railworks 2: Train Simulator, morphed into Train Simulator 2012, then further upgraded to 2013. It's now set to become Train Simulator 2014, after a brief stop at the Steam update station this September.

Train Simulator 2012 review

Tim Stone at

Right now I’m not sure whether to feel violated or grateful. During the night, with Steam’s assistance, broke into my home and meddled with one of my favourite train sims. RailWorks 2 is gone and in its place is something prettier, slightly less nimble, but otherwise very similar. Something called Train Simulator 2012.