The Forest


The problem with survival games

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Have you ever seen Survivorman? It’s a documentary series about a guy called Les Stroud who spends a week in the world’s most inhospitable places—deserts, rainforests, tundras—and survives with only the clothes on his back. Fakers like Bear Grylls have doctors on hand, camera crews, and cosy hotels to return to after filming, but Stroud does it all for real—and films everything himself. It’s really good TV, and I promise that after you watch the first episode you’ll be hooked.

The Forest gets its first major update; improving performance, fixing bugs and adding sharks

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Huddled tightly in the ill-light of a dying fire, you reflect on the last few days. You've hunted, scavenged, survived, and, of course, run terrified from cannabalistic mutants. "Well," you think, "at least their weren't any sharks." That's when you see the patch list for The Forest's first alpha update. Atop a feature list that also contains a simple raft and decreased turtle health, sits a single word: "Sharks."

The Forest alpha review

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I’ve been playing The Forest today, and whenever anyone’s come over to my desk to watch I’ve been savaging an animal. Spearing fish with a stick, murderising turtles with an axe, and at one point I’d battered so many seagulls with a rock that the resulting pile of feathery bodies slowed the game down to a crawl. As I type this, it’s the second best-selling game on Steam. It would be the first, but a 75% sale on Injustice is getting in the way. Am I enjoying it? Yeah, but I think it’s important I tell you from the off that it’s incredibly janky and limited, even for an Early Access title. At this point in time it feels more like a proof of concept than a game, but what I’ve seen so far shows a lot of promise indeed.

The Forest goes from nature to nightmare in new gif series

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Upcoming horror adventure The Forest seems to have an appropriately complex relationship with the natural world. A new series of gifs released by developer Endnight Games shows us gentle sea turtles, bounding rabbits, and the horrific plane crash that brought you to the forest. It's a tease, but an effective and story-driven one in advance of the game's release through Steam Early Access May 30.

The Forest early access coming May 22, new trailer scarier than ever

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Endnight Games has announced that its survival-horror game The Forest has a new “targeted release date” of May 22, when the game will be available on Steam Early Access. The announcement also comes with a new trailer that gives us the most comprehensive look at the game so far, and it looks even creepier that before.

The Forest developer reveals story, gameplay details

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There are few games I'm more curious about than The Forest, and every video I see about it only makes me want to find out more. Though there’s no new video on the survival-horror game, but new gameplay and story information that emerged from an interview with Endnight at Eurogamer today fills in some interesting details.

The Forest trailer shows continued survival, panicked combat and questionable effigies

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Here's a second trailer for The Forest, an upcoming open-world survival game being developed by Endnight Games (née SKS Games). In the first, we saw the direct aftermath of the plane crash that left the player's character stranded on an inhospitable island. Now we move forward a few weeks. A basic shelter has been built, supplies are coming together, limbs are erected into a challenging art installation, and monsters subsequently attack. Typical philistines.