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SOE closes three studios, lays off 205 employees, cancels the Agency - live games unaffected

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Rumors have been swirling about possible layoffs at all of SOE's studios. We contacted SOE directly to get the official word on what's happening, and it's a mix of good and bad news for gamers. Read on for the full report.

Rumour: major layoffs at Sony Online Entertainment studios

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Numerous Sony Online Entertainment studios are closing according to George Broussard's twitter feed. The developer has been tweeting about the state of the company today.

As reported on NeoGaf Broussard originally tweeted: "Word that Sony Online Entertainment Seattle is having layoffs and that studio closure is possible."

He later confirmed the rumour, saying "SOE Seattle and other studios (Denver is rumored) will be closed tomorrow. Good luck to all impacted."

SOE Seattle were developing the ambitious upcoming shooter, The Agency for PC and PS3. They were also the team behind Magic The Gathering: Tactics. We've also heard rumours that half of the staff at SOE Austin have also been sacked. They're responsible for DC Universe Online.

George Broussard was one of the original creators of the Duke Nukem series.