Hellraid developers show off 20 minutes of monster murder in new gameplay video

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Techland recently took to for a lengthy session of Hellraid that covered the entirety of the game's first level. Did you miss it? Not to worry, because the whole thing is now up on YouTube.

Dying Light launch is going to happen sooner than expected

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In an unusual and unexpected development, Techland's zombie parkour game Dying Light has been slightly un-delayed. The game was expected to come out in February 2015 but the studio announced today that it will actually be here a month earlier.

Dying Light studio shows off "Natural Movement" in new development diary

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Dying Light was pushed back into early 2015 in order to give Techland more time to polish the game's parkour system. Today the studio offered some insight into what it's been up to with the release of its first development diary video, which looks more closely at how players will use "Natural Movement" to make their way around a city overrun by the risen dead.

Dying Light trailer proves that every game should feature grappling hooks

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I can't think of a single game that wouldn't be improved with a grappling hook. Football Manager, Euro Truck Simulator—oh God the possibilities are endless. Even if your game already features a grappling hook, you can always add more. And you should. This hot-button grapple opinion is sponsored by the news that Dying Light is going to feature a grappling hook. This will let you quickly get up buildings like some kind of...Man-Spider, without having to suffer the deep humiliation of using a ladder. In less exciting news, Techland's parkour zombie game will also include four-player co-op and swimming sections, as shown off in this new Gamescom trailer.

Hellraid gameplay trailer shows off 20 minutes of monster mashing

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I will maintain until the day they pry the mouse from my cold, dead hand that Dark Messiah of Might and Magic is a criminally underrated game. So I was naturally intrigued by Hellraid, which by all appearances shares many similarities with Dark Messiah: Specifically, the bloody, fast-paced combat through expansive, RPG-style dungeons. But it's most definitely not, as this gameplay trailer makes clear, an RPG: Visual trappings notwithstanding, it's all about thefaux-medieval fantasy face-busting.

Dying Light E3 gameplay trailer shows us we're all murderers of zombies

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"I'm not a murderer," the man in the new Dying Light trailer says, mere moments before setting off on a murder spree notable for both its creativity and the staggering number of victims. But is it murder if the victims are already dead? These are the questions that you may, or may not, ask yourself as you bury your hatchet into the forehead of a staggering, shambling creature that used to be somebody's mother.

Dying Light delayed into February 2015, letting us enjoy the sun a bit longer

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Techland have raged against the Dying Light, an act of raging so effective that it's pushed their Mirror's-Edge-but-with-zombies game into 2015. Dying Light was originally scheduled to release this year, the year we're in, 2014, but they needed a bit more time to polish their parkour system, buff their zombies' rotting flesh, and whip up an emotive yet entirely unrepresentative backwards-slow-motion trailer. OK, maybe not that last one. You'll find Techland's statement below.

Dead Island dev's Hellraid gets upgraded engine, Early Access plans

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I’m pretty excited for Hellraid for the same reason I’m excited for Dying Light. Techland’s mix of first-person melee combat and role-playing loot mongering in Dead Island was brilliant, and I’ll take more of it any way I can. While Dying Light seems more like a natural evolution of Dead Island, Hellraid puts that same kind of gameplay into fantasy setting. It's also getting some upgraded visuals, as Techland today annoucned it was moving the game to the same engine powering Dying Light.

Hellraid trailer brings death and decisions with an "interactive movie prequel"

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Welcome to the next evolution in trailer technology: the choose-your-own trailer. That's right, you too can be killed by the first enemy you see, because evidently you made the wrong decision earlier in the story. Thanks for that Techland, I am now suitably hyped for Hellraid.

Hopefully, the full game won't be quite as binary as this interactive movie prequel. Usually when presented with the choice between picking up a health potion and searching a crate, most people would say, "well, both. Obviously."

Dead Island MOBA being put together by Bloodline Champions developer

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With the mashing-together of the words "Dead Island MOBA," Deep Silver risks finally bringing its Dead Island franchise into the realm of the truly horrifying. Don't count it out, though, as the publisher has confirmed that it's brought on board Bloodline Champions developer Stunlock Studios, which is apparently steering Dead Island: Epidemic from the treacherously tepid LoL-clone waters.

Call of Juarez: Gunslinger review

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Silas Greaves is probably full of shit, but that’s OK. He’s a bounty hunter with a million stories to tell, and happy to share them for a whisky or five. Like the times he rode with Billy the Kid, or when he won the praise of Injun magic men, or that shootout he had with Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (simultaneously). In short, tales of hanging out with just about every celebrity in the Wild West... and convenient excuses for why nobody can quite remember seeing him there.

This isn’t just a framing device for Gunslinger’s nine missions, but a big part of what helps this downloadable budget title wash away the foul taste of Call of Juarez: The Cartel. As expected, it’s a linear shooter set in a romanticised version of the Wild West (which the game itself at one point admits is complete balls). It’s also a shooter Greaves and his audience comment on throughout, the narration routinely changing the world to fit the story on the fly. At one point, for instance, you fight through a mine full of dynamite that only an idiot would go into with guns blazing. “That’s why I didn’t,” rasps Greaves, rewinding the story to tell it ‘properly’.

Dead Island: Riptide review

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Dead Island: Riptide, the maybes-equel or sort-of-expansionpack to co-op zombie RPG Dead Island, shipwrecks you once again – on a new Dead Island island that looks and plays exactly the same as the last Dead Island island. Its open world tropical sandbox initially seems promising: it’s stunningly beautiful, filled with silly weapons with which to slash wandering zombies on your way through its flimsy plot, and it has a new stereotype: an Australian man.

Unfortunately, playing it is a lot like leaving one screeching hen party in Barbados only to end up at a squalling hen party in Hawaii, but with boats, a knock-off 50 Cent (20 Cent?!) and then it rains on you. (They’ve added weather, at least.)

Dying Light's debut trailer is a race for survival

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The very first video for Techland’s latest zombie-survival game might not carry the same emotional weight as their previous game’s debut, but weight is the last thing you want when the infected are sprinting after your delectable flesh.

Hellraid E3 trailer features skeletons by the boneload, looks a bit like Hexen

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Taking a break from making games about zombies, or games about zombies, Techland are making a game about zombies (well, and skeletons), in the form of co-op first-person fantasy Hellraid. Its Game Master AI has drawn comparisons to Left 4 Dead, but this latest trailer - released to sorta coincide with E3 - is giving me serious Heretic/Hexen vibes.

Hellraid screenshots show us the denizens of the underworld, then kill them

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Burnt, parried, confined in stocks and decapitated. This brief selection of screenshots for Hellraid, Techland's first person hack 'n slash, are almost enough to make you feel sorry for the necromantic beasties that have arisen from their infernal underworld. Almost, but not quite. The prospect of being the one that's dishing out this holy violence is too enticing for sympathy.

Holster your six-shooters: Call of Juarez Gunslinger FOV tweak on the way

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If Techland's latest cowboy shooter is making you feel ill - not because of all the cowboy shooting, but due to that narrow, inflexible FOV - then we have some very good news: Techland are working on a fix. Chiming in to a Steam forums thread about the issue, developer 'kanosek' revealed that "our patch allowing tidy tweak of the FOV is right on the way!" They didn't reveal how close it is to its intended destination (your hard drive), or how much we'll be able to alter the FOV, but at least they're working on it, and without too much of an angry backlash first.

Call of Juarez: Gunslinger launch trailer and screenshots tell the tall tales of the Wild West

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What starts as an authentically gruff assessment of a hero of the Wild West, soon becomes a ridiculously excitable celebration of violence, arcade action and skill shots. If you want to place the exact moment when the launch trailer for Call of Juarez: Gunslinger descends into over-the-top silliness, it's right around the line: "the face is one of Silas' favourite places to shoot people."

Techland releases teaser trailer for Hellraid, shows off skeletons, explosions, swords

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Last week, Techland announced its new game, Hellraid, with a few screenshots and some promises. This week, though, they’ve got a teaser trailer full of gameplay that backs up some of those promises, and it’s looking pretty interesting.

Call of Juarez: Gunslinger trailer sings the bloody story of Silas Greaves

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Like the residents of Springfield, I'm easily swayed on pretty much any matter so long as the arguments are expressed in song form. All it took for me to go from 'nonplussed' to 'slightlyplussed' about upcoming Wild West shootyfest Call of Juarez: Gunslinger was the addition of a catchy theme tune - a surprisingly tender folksy number that shouldn't work against a backdrop of bloody shooting, but somehow does. Read on to hear the legend of the "four-holstered reaper" known as Silas Greaves, and to see some new screenshots of him going about his grisly business.

Hellraid announced: a game about raiding the armies of hell

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In a win for self-descriptive naming, here's Hellraid: a first-person co-op hack 'n slash RPG about raiding the armies of hell. It's being made by Techland, who have form with back-to-basics game naming, having previously brought us Dead Island: a game about an island full of dead people. This time, they're swapping shambling corpses for the similarly undead, but generally less putrefied, demonic hordes.