Stephen King

Saturday Crapshoot: Stephen King's F13

Richard Cobbett at

Every week, Richard Cobbett rolls the dice to bring you an obscure slice of gaming history, from lost gems to weapons grade atrocities. This week, the King of Horror brings you... something just plain horrible. To compensate, here's a scary ghost noise: WhooaAAAAAaaaaahh!

"At the very top of your seemingly benign keyboard is a row of function keys," begins the spooky, totally spine-chilling pitch for Stephen King's F13. "On a standard PC, they number F1 to F12. Key F13 doesn't exist. Even on a Mac, the F13 is an unassuming little key that simply captures a displayed screen. What if an F13 with some real potency appeared? Something menacing, a merger of technology and terror brought straight to your desktop. Would you dare strike such a key? A provocative yet unanswered question for horror fans and computer users. Unanswered until now... "

Uh... okay. Stephen King fans? I'm sorry. I'm so sorry you have to see this.

Rumour: Stephen King Dark Tower game in the works

Tom Senior at

The Dark Tower series consists of seven books written across the entire span of Stephen King's prolific career. The books follow the adventures of a gunslinger as he tries to reach the dark tower, and take place on a dark post-apocalyptic vision of Earth. There are heavy rumours saying that books are being turned into a series of films, and that a game is also in the works.