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Valve shows alternative prototypes for Steam Controller

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That sleek, polished dime up there wasn't made by Valve with the snap of Gabe Newell's fingers. It came after other prototypes the company tested first. When initially designing its Steam controller, Valve experimented with numerous iterations and designs before coming to one that it felt comfortable with. Valve detailed two of the unused prototypes today during the newest info dump on its upcoming Steam Machines, including one "Frankenstein" of a gamepad.

Only Valve will make Steam controllers

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While Valve is handing off some of the reins to third parties when it comes to console manufacturing, it looks like the Seattle-based software behemoth is the only company that will make your Steam controllers.

See the first pictures of the Steam Machines prototype

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If, in the months since the announcement of Steam Machines, you've been waking up in cold sweats, shaking in terror at the possibility that Valve's hardware wouldn't be a grey box... well, your fears should now be set to rest. A new Seattle Times profile of Valve's living room ambition contains among the first few pictures of the prototype Steam Machine, showing dark and light shades of the plain, grey theme. While they're 48 short of an erotic novel, it's more than enough for a news post.

Valve invites game devs to discuss and test Steam products

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Valve has announced a two-day game developer’s conference in Seattle called “Steam Dev Days” that will allow game creators from around the globe to speak in roundtable discussions, attend industry lectures, and test out SteamOS, the Steam Controller, and an assortment of Steam machines.

PC Gamer Podcast #364 - Doogie Don't Care

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Valve has revealed the specs for the Steam Machines prototypes. Evan, Tyler, Cory, and T.J. weigh in on the implications. Plus: Mongols racing F1 cars, gobbleshaft transplants, the Battlefield 4 beta, and callbacks to the bizarre world of early '90s television.

Indie dev shares thoughts on Steam Controller after getting hands-on

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Dan Tabár, the game designer behind Cortex Command, got his hands on a prototype of the recently announced Steam Controller and says he has "no qualms" with the ergonomic feel of the controller and is "surprised how well it worked." He told us he's excited to see how the device will affect the feasibility of PC gaming in the living room.

Exploring Valve's masterplan: on SteamOS, Steam Machines and the future of the PC

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Last week, Valve made a series of announcements that could dramatically impact how people play games on the PC. But slick micro-sites aren't created in a vacuum. Valve have been hinting at SteamOS, Steam Machines and the Steam Controller for years, through interviews and information that goes all the way back to 2010. I've combed through these interviews, in order to find out what the future might hold for Valve's move into the living room.

Just how open will their open OS be? How will the Steam Machines evolve to match more powerful tech? Could the Steam Controller be any stranger? And what do these announcements mean for Windows? Read on to find out.

Uber Entertainment has used the Steam Controller and likes it

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Valve has been sending around its Steam Controller prototype to various game developers since its announcement last week. The latest crew to lay hands on it is Uber Entertainment, creator of Planetary Annihilation and Super Monday Night Combat. So far, the developer likes it.

Tripwire: "SteamOS, Steam Machines, and Steam Controller will be the best thing to happen to PC gaming since digital distribution"

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John Gibson has been making PC-exclusive games for more than a decade. As President of Tripwire Interactive, he’s helped push Killing Floor, Red Orchestra 2, Rising Storm out the door of the developer’s Roswell, Georgia studio. He also happens to have a pretty nice sound system for his PC. We asked Gibson to weigh in on Valve’s trinity of announcements.

PC Gamer Podcast #363 - Gabecube

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This week's podcast is all about Steam's three, big announcements. What do SteamOS, Steam Machines, and the Steam Controller mean to PC gaming? How does it all work? How much does it cost? Does Valve want to replace your main rig? Your living room entertainment center? All of the above? How would Nicholas Cage fare in the political landscape of the 15th Century?

Steam Controller announced by Valve

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Rounding out its set of living room-centric announcements this week, Steam Controller has been revealed by Valve, a 16-button, haptic-driven gamepad that Valve says is hackable, includes a touch screen, will feature sharable configurations, and has the ambitious goal of “supporting all games in the Steam catalog.” No price was announced for the controller, and it doesn't appear to feature motion control.