Steam Big Picture Mode

Coming soon to SteamOS, Steam Music integrates your music with in-game overlay

Ian Birnbaum at

Steam OS and Big Picture modes will soon include a music interface, as revealed by Valve last week. Gamers will be able to listen to their personal music collection while playing games with the integrated music player, which can organize music by album or artist. For gamers who spend hundreds of hours in a game, this added feature will be an added convenience for anyone who has special playlists for exploring in Skyrim or strategizing in Crusader Kings 2.

Steam beta update adds In-Home Streaming support, sort of

Tom Sykes at

Something interesting has cropped up in the latest Steam beta update: streaming capability, even if it's not quite, um, capable yet. The wily devils at the unofficial Steam Database have unearthed (after some "tinkering") an option called In-Home Streaming, which will obviously let you stream games from one PC to another or others, over a local network. Will is the operative word here - the option is there, in an unfinished form at least, but it's currently hamstrung by Steam's one-PC-at-a-time login restrictions.

SpeedRunners sprints to early access with a new trailer

Ian Birnbaum at

A couple of months ago we heard about SpeedRunners, a side-scrolling superhero racing game. Imagine if the members of the Justice League were all hanging around on a rooftop when they heard a crime being committed, then all just raced to get there first so they could claim the credit. SpeedRunners just hit Steam Early Access, so for ten bucks you can get in on the action.