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No One Lives Forever trademark filing hints at possible re-release

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As we reported last year, the rights to Monolith's 2000 comedy spy shooter No One Lives Forever dropped off the radar after Activision proverbially shrugged its shoulders as to the whereabouts of the game's ownership. Now, Siliconera has exposed some new intel on the franchise's trademark from a number of recent filings by Night Dive Studios, a classic PC game republisher. This isn't direct confirmation of NOLF's return to the field, but it sparks hope for the game's licensing troubles.

Reinstall: Timeshift

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Does anyone give a shit about TimeShift?” asks acting editor Chris Thursten, poised to deny my Reinstall pitch. “It doesn’t grab me off the bat. I want something that grabs my bat, Marsh.”

I can forgive Chris his ungrabbed battitude. TimeShift is an ugly also-ran sci-fi shooter of little acclaim, the troubled production of which is etched into every hastily up-res’d texture. It does not grab bats. It couldn’t grab a bat if both it and the bat were made out of magnetised velcro. In fact, when I played it back in 2007, I imagined I would quickly forget it. But I have not.

Telltale no longer planning King's Quest revival

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Despite an announcement way back in the distant past of 2011, Telltale have today confirmed that they're no longer working on a revival of the Sierra adventure game classic, King's Quest. The statement was made after news came in that the licence had returned back to Activision, who are speculated to have their own plans for the series.

Homeworld licensing campaign jets over to Kickstarter

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Back in January, web design studio teamPixel came out of nowhere with a proposition to save the Homeworld franchise from THQ's demise, asking for $50,000 through an IndieGoGo drive to fund a touch and GOG version of Relic's original space RTS and develop a full-fledged Homeworld 3 for the PC. The final tally of $13,675 fell well short of the mark, but teamPixel isn't powering down its efforts just yet, instead moving to Kickstarter for a second round of crowdfunding.

Homeworld composer talks influences, changing soundscapes

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Homeworld's soundtrack was an expression of space's serenity and chaos with its retro synth swells and Indian flair, the sort of songs hibernating astronauts would probably listen to. Composer Paul Ruskay's haunting tracks helped solidify Homeworld as one of strategy gaming's greats, and in an interview with Rock, Paper, Shotgun, he touched upon the influences and experiences he used in shaping a spacey soundscape.