Meet Aztez, the Aztec-themed brawler with impeccable style

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Trends and fads come and go in gaming, just like they do everywhere else. First came the Zombies, then came the roguelikes, then, well… zombies again. If Aztez, an Aztec-themed brawler, is part of a new trend in historic side-scrollers with incredible art styles, then it is a trend I heartily endorse.

Child of Light gameplay video shows exploration, combat and poetry

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Child of Light is an impressively ambitious game, a sidescrolling fairytale world of exploration that suddenly slams into a traditional Japanese RPG structure at the first hint of combat. Tyler got to take a look and described it as such, but it’s not until you watch it in action that you see how big a jump it really is. A new video walkthrough with lead designer Brianna Code accomplishes just that, showing us the floaty world of puzzles and mystery.

Broforce development trailer shows explosions, guns, bros

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The bro geniuses at Free Lives have been shepherding their brotastic game, Broforce, though Steam Greenlight. I mean, uh, Bream.... Breenlight? I’m bad at this. Broforce, the ludicrous side scrolling platformer so crammed full of 80s action-movie goodness that it just keeps exploding spontaneously, is still in development, but we’ve got a nice explode-y new trailer to keep us occupied. It’s full of development footage and nice Inception-style BRAAAAAAAHM noises.