Battlefield 4 work will continue alongside Hardline, DICE promises

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Electronic Arts is moving full steam ahead with the recently-revealed Battlefield Hardline, but that doesn't mean it's giving up on Battlefield 4. In fact, DICE VP Karl Magnus Troedsson took to the Battlefield Blog today to assure fans that the game still has lots of life left.

What I learned about CS:GO after watching the Twitch stream of someone I beat

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I played a vitamin D deficiency-fostering amount of CS:GO over the long weekend. In one of my dozen-some competitive matches (CS:GO’s excellent five-on-five matchmaking mode), I noticed that one of my opponents was livestreaming.

After we won, we booted up the archived video together, commenting in Mumble as we watched. It was a rare chance for my CS:GO group and I to see ourselves through an opponent’s eyes (and comms)—what did it look like to play against us? These were my takeaways.

Arma 3 mod contest offers one-week journey to real-world conflict zone

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Videogame war is fun. Real war is hell. It's a distinction that Arma 3 studio Bohemia Interactive seems anxious to make with the addition of a new and unique prize to its "Make Arma, Not War" content creation contest: the company will send a lucky winner to a conflict zone on a humanitarian mission providing aid to people displaced or harmed by the ravages of war.

Watch Dogs review

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I'm racing a stolen motorcycle through a sprawling cityscape, cops wailing behind me in pursuit, when I suddenly smash into a car, shoot through the air like a missile, and slam face-first into a wall. Nothing new—I've done this many times, in many games. While I'm sailing through the air, however, my smartphone informs me the driver of the car I've struck is Martin Huntley, age 39, who works as a telemarketer, makes $24,000 a year, and is into autoerotic asphyxiation. OK. That part's new.

Wolfenstein: The New Order video: max settings at 2560x1440 on LPC

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Akimbo assault rifles, 1440p Ultra settings, and shooting lots of Nazis in the face—these are all things the Large Pixel Collider, our all-powerful supercomputer, heartily approves of. That's why we ran B.J. Blazkowicz's latest adventure, Wolftenstein: The New Order, with all the settings cranked to the max. Sit back, set Youtube's bitrate to 1440p, and enjoy seven minutes of old school FPS action.

See Wolfenstein: The New Order at max settings: 3600x1920 on LPC

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We've encountered some problems running Wolfenstein: The New Order since we started playing this morning, and though the LPC's GTX Titans haven't suffered any crashes and the framerate is stable, the same id Tech 5 texture pop-in we witnessed in Rage is very apparent. But if I don't turn too fast, the artists and engine have pulled off one trick: some really damn nice textures.

Titanfall's 144hz patch affected gun rate-of-fire, Respawn fixed it last night

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A YouTube video posted yesterday made a surprising claim: boost your Titanfall framerate above 60, and your gun's rate-of-fire jumps up with it. The video demonstrates that at 60 fps, a magazine empties in a little over three seconds, but at 120 fps, it only takes two and a half seconds. Thank goodness such a serious error died a swift death.

Tom Clancy's The Division delayed to 2015

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The biggest news out of Ubisoft today is that Far Cry 4, which trades a tropical paradise for the cold of the Himalayas, will release in November. The quieter news is that Tom Clancy's The Division, also scheduled for this year, is being delayed. I imagine this decision being made after an old-fashioned Wild West showdown in the streets. "This town ain't big enough for the both of us," said Far Cry 4, menacing a pistol. "Well, uh, see you in 2015?" said The Division, as it jumped on a horse and rode off into the future.

Meet the characters of Watch Dogs

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Up until now, the marketing campaign leading up to Watch Dogs has focused primarily on its features and technology. If you’re looking for more info on that kind of thing, Tyler got to play Watch Dogs for a few hours last month, and you should read and watch his hands-on impressions. He came away surprised at how much he liked the main character, Aiden Pearce. But there are more people to meet in Chicago, as Ubisoft's newest trailer shows.

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare dev almost made a third-person Vietnam spinoff

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Sledgehammer Games' upcoming Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is pretty ambitious. It imagines what the realistic future of military combat will be—exoskeletons, private military, and even bigger explosions all seem likely. We also know that the future of military warfare will involve Kevin Spacey, which is nice. It's a logical leap for Sledgehammer, since a lot of its team previously worked on the Dead Space sci-fi horror series. But according to Game Informer, the team's first CoD game was quite different than what's been revealed: it was almost a third-person shooter in Vietnam.

Call of Duty video hints at story, reveal coming this Sunday

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At the end of April, the Call of Duty website is updated. At the beginning of May, a teaser trailer is released. Yay, that's the true true, every year like the last, and 2014 won't break the cycle. On Sunday, Activision will reveal the next Call of Duty with the first teaser trailer and details on Game Informer, which has already posted a screenshot. The screenshot looks like this...

MechWarrior Online gets private matchmaking, and a glitch, in latest patch

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In a move that could be transformative for competitive players as well as anyone looking to settle a grudge, MechWarrior Online has added a private matchmaking system. Dubbed the "Launch Module" by developer Piranha Games, the free-to-play shooter now offers a variety of options for setting up and carrying out tournaments, leagues, and 1v1 showdowns, depending on a player's level of investment in the game.

Watch Dogs video report — hands-on with the story, missions, and open world

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Yesterday, Tyler posted his impressions of Watch Dogs after he spent several hours terrorizing Chicago with blackouts and burst steam pipes. Here are more of his thoughts on playing Watch Dogs, this time with words from his mouth and gameplay video provided by Ubisoft. Watch Dogs is out May 27th, walking tank and all.

Titanfall director details roadmap for post-launch updates

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In his Titanfall review, Chris questioned how much staying power the mech-tastic shooter would have. It's a legitimate concern—online shooters can be heavily populated the first week, but if your fellow players move on, there won't be anyone left to shoot but bots. Luckily, we're not the only ones worried about the game's lasting appeal. Respawn Game Director Steve Fukuda today published a roadmap of further changes and content to keep Titanfall stomping through the coming months.

Strike Vector gets free Challenge Mode and map

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Strike Vector is a damn good game. As I said in my review, it’s an old school arena shooter like Quake III and Unreal Tournament, but with quick and brutal aerial dogfights. One of my biggest problems with the game is that it didn’t do a very good job of explaining how to play it. The latest free update might help address that issue.

Titanfall matchmaking update leaves beta, joins Attrition and Hardpoint modes

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After a week of beta testing, Titanfall's new matchmaking system has made its way to the shooter's bread and butter game modes—Attrition and Hardpoint. The updated design is intended to fix problems players have had with skill imbalance between opposing teams, according to details released by the developer for the beta test.

Betrayer review

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I wash ashore in 17th century America at the border of a desolated British colony. Water, sand, and forest are stark greyscale, shadows turned up to black and the sky washed of detail. Wind howls, then dies. I imagine it carries the scent of Virginia’s fir trees on the back of a foreboding chill, and then I swipe my knife at a wooden crate, collapsing it with a cartoonish bonk on the side.

Enemy Starfighter trailer shows deep-space dogfighting

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It's been a while since we've had a proper Enemy Starfighter video and the latest trailer doesn't disappoint. The new footage puts you behind the stick of the game's interceptor starship for a series of hostile encounters in deep space.

Titanfall updates matchmaking to address player skill imbalances

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Titanfall is rolling out some matchmaking changes to try pit more and different kinds of players together, according to an update from developer Respawn Entertainment. The hybrid infantry/mech shooter has added a new beta game mode to test out a solution to what it calls "a problem of a lack of variety" in how the game is assembling opposing teams.

Valve explains how CS:GO became the second most-played game on Steam

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One of three talks Valve delivered at the Game Developers Conference last week was “Building the Content that Drives the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Economy,” a session by Technical Artist Bronwen Grimes. Grimes’ presentation mainly focused on how Valve developed its method for mostly-automating the creation of new weapon skins that roll out regularly in updates like Operation Phoenix and Winter Offensive.