Seagate gets in on the SSD game while WD and SanDisk team up

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It’s been a while coming but Seagate has finally joined the ranks of the consumer-class solid state crowd. They’ve just announced their first SSD for the masses, the 600 SSD, while rivals Western Digital have teamed up with memory-maestros SanDisk to create a brand new WD Black solid state hybrid drive (SSHD).

As one of the major players in the hard drive market it’s a surprise Seagate have waited this long to put out a commercial drive, despite having enterprise offerings out there for a while now.

SSDs win: Seagate to cease production of performance 2.5-inch HDDs

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In the age old battle of mechanical vs. digital it seems that SSDs have finally won. Or at least that's what it looks like on the surface.

Seagate, it was recently reported, will be stopping production of the performance end of its 2.5-inch HDD range at the end of the year. The 7,200RPM drives were once the pinnacle of notebook storage and were the drives of choice for most gaming laptops of the last few years - but no more.

Hard drive prices won't fall until 2014

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The price of traditional hard drive storage isn't likely to come down to the levels seen in the first half of last year for at least 18 months. That's the opinion of industry analysts at IHS iSuppli, who have released a report today on the subject.

It's almost a year since the floods in Thailand which damaged many key factories owned by Western Digital and the like, which caused the cost of drives to double and even treble at retail as stocks ran short. While prices have fallen in recent months, they're still considerably more expensive than they were this time last year, and you can expect to pay up to £100 or for a decent 1TB drive still.

Even the cheapest terabyte drives are around 25% more expensive than they were at their lowest cost.