SOMA trailer offers up more gloomy sci-fi drama

Phil Savage at

If there's any glare on your screen right now, you're going to have to trust that this latest SOMA trailer is more than just a radio play. It's a dark and moody teaser; one that shows locations from Frictional's sci-fi horror over a conversation about an experiment that, to put it mildly, isn't going to plan. That's the exciting thing about science, there's always a new challenge to face. New, horrible, and deadly challenges.

StarCrawlers, an RPG with hackers and ninjas, hits Kickstarter

Patrick Carlson at

Derelict spaceships. Corporate cybercrime. Ninjas. These are some of the ideas populating the universe of StarCrawlers, a new first-person dungeon crawler that's landed on both Kickstarter and Steam Greenlight. While its mechanics appear to situate it comfortably in the dungeon crawler genre, StarCrawlers' setting takes us deep into the future rather than an imaginary, alternate past.

Starbound so far: spelunking, eyeball trees, and moons of doom

Cassandra Khaw at

A few days ago, a stranger on Twitter half-jokingly informed me I should add "Starbound PR" to my list of credentials. I protested, of course, but the truth of the matter is that I've probably spent more time evangelizing Chucklefish's procedurally generated, sci-fi sandbox exploratory thing than I have championing Dota 2. Which is a little worrying because DotA is the game I spent a decade playing.

Play as robots working to reboot a dead city in sci-fi puzzler Reset

Ian Birnbaum at

Long after we’ve killed ourselves off with an antibiotic-resistant strain of hyper-flu, our robot friends will keep vacuuming empty floors and pouring drinks that no one will enjoy. In the slow-paced puzzle game Reset, you play as two service robots navigating your way through the clogged byways of an abandoned metropolis, trying to put the darn thing back together.

Classic side-scroller Flashback is being remade, and the remake lands this week

Ian Birnbaum at

Last week, we got a new look at the announced remake of the 1992 classic side-scroller Flashback. This time, the trailer focuses more on the story elements than the revamped gameplay and updated graphics. The original Flashback was before my time, but the idea of waking up lost, with pieces of your memory missing, is compelling—Agent Conrad B. Hart is told by a recording of himself that an alien invasion is underway, and it’s up to him to stop it.

Michael Biehn: voicing Hicks in Aliens Colonial Marines "wasn't fun at all"

Tom Sykes at

Aliens: Colonial Marines wasn't a fun game to play, it was no fun to make, and I wouldn't be surprised if the poor sales assistants stocking it all got nasty cuts from the box - like the tomb of Tutankhamun, anyone with any connection to it seems to have suffered in one way or another. And now we have another casualty: Michael 'Corporal Hicks/Kyle Reese' Biehn.

Edge of Space appears on Steam, pay £8 to get Early Access to the sci-fi sandbox

Tom Sykes at

In-development indie sandbox Edge of Space is now on the edge of Steam, having recently moved into the sketchy, slightly rough suburb known as Steam Early Access. It's sort of like a sci-fi Terraria - not to be confused with that other sci-fi Terraria - featuring mechs, jetpacks, rocketsharks, octocats, and other creatures that probably shouldn't be. You can buy your way into the beta for £7.99/$11.99, shaving a few dollarpounds off the eventual $14.99 launch price.

The Swapper clones itself to Steam May 30th, celebrates with a clayful new trailer

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You remember The Swapper, right? For beneath that rather bland name lies a gorgeous handmade science-fiction platformer in which you have the power to make clones of yourself. Rather than using them to do chores or carry him aloft like a war hero, Swapper Guy uses them to solve puzzles, admittedly in one of the most striking, atmospheric indie games of recent years. Head here for a reminder, then stick around for a very Promethean trailer - oh and the news that it's heading to Steam on May 30th.

New WildStar trailer is all about movement

Katie Williams at

Am I ever so glad Carbine released this video about WildStar's movement options! I was scared it'd be one of those, y'know, stand-in-the-spot MMOs. Good-natured joshing aside, though, one thing that's really important in gaming is fluidity of movement, and it seems WildStar's absolutely nailed it here.

Teleglitch: a shooty real-time roguelike with crafting, Science

Tom Sykes at

If you've room in your life for another sci-firoguelike, then you might want to give Teleglitch a look. It's a top-down real-time roguelike shooter that reminds me of Alien Breed, and those are some words that look very good together indeed.

Sci-fi platform-puzzler Deadlock seeks crowdfunding, demands Portal comparison

Tyler Wilde at

It's become a cliché to compare every first-person puzzle game to Portal, but Deadlock sort of insists on it by spotlighting a floating AI cube which speaks in vocoded tones that very nearly replicate GLaDOS's disharmonious voice...except with a French accent. But hey, Portal's not a bad inspiration, and Deadlock's sci-fi platforming is promising. A team of French developers created the prototype as a 7 Day FPS Challenge project, and recently began seeking funding via Ulule to spin it into a fully-realized game.

Line of Defense trailer—exclusive first look

Gavin Townsley at

Face jumping is an underused method for taking out gunners in enemy vehicles. Seems simple enough to me. Jump off building, land on dude, stab and repeat for victory. When you're done, why not hop into a tank or mech and finish off the driver. This Line of Defense trailer shows this crazy stunt and plenty of vehicles you can pilot in 3000AD's upcoming sci-fi Massively Multiplayer Online Game (MMOG).

Line of Defense is a team-based continental war for territories. The game features a large variety of roles, allowing players to customize and play the way they want. For example, if you want to be a base-camping computer lover spec into hacking, sniping and cloaking capabilities for base management and sniper support. Prefer to be a pilot? Grab a transport and sprint your team's run-and-gun junkies to the front lines. Their servers will allegedly hold anywhere from 2,000-23,000 players, too. With that many people around it will be hard not to kill someone whenever you jump off a building.

Line of Defense is releasing later this year. If you want to know more, check out their website FAQ.

CD Projekt working on AAA title, could be sci-fi

Henry Winchester at

CD Projekt RED have told Polish gaming site that they’re working on a brand new AAA title, set in a “totally different universe” to their popular Witcher RPG series. More exact details haven’t been confirmed, but it makes total sense for the new game to be a sci-fi RPG.

“The biggest news is that we are going to work on a new IP, a totally new title,” Adam Badowski, a studio director at CD Projekt RED, told Polygamia. When the presenter guessed that new title was a sci-fi game, Badowski replied with, “You can keep guessing all you want, but we will reveal more when the time is right.”

Blockade Runner: Minecraft in SPACE! With SPACESHIPS

Owen Hill at

Do you ever wish Minecraft was a bit more, well, spacey?

Blockade Runner is probably what you're looking for. Friend of PC Gamer, Andy Kelly, has just pointed out that Blockade Runner looks pretty damn awesome, and has a lite version available to download. As Graham eloquently put it "That game got good real quick."

The devs describe Blockade Runner as "the beginning of a Multiplayer First Person Adventure Space Sim that will feature fully destructible, operational, crewable 'living' starships in a massive and procedurally generated galaxy." I approve of this description.

There's a lite version available to download from the offical site.The developers are opting for a Minecraft-esque payment system; fair enough considering the game is still in Alpha. The current release is selling for $10.

Let us know how you get on in the comments.

Saturday Crapshoot: Conspiracies

Richard Cobbett at

Once again, Richard Cobbett rolls the dice to bring you an obscure slice of gaming history, from lost gems to weapons grade atrocities. Today, he dons his fedora to meet the Greek detective that even other sleuths call... well... Nick Delios, probably. Because that's his name.

Every great detective needs a gimmick. Nero Wolfe eats his weight in food on a daily basis. Adrian Monk can't shake hands, or even get near milk. Hercule Poirot's leetle grey cells make him the most punchable of all Belgians. Harry Dresden is the only crimesolving wizard in the phone book. If you don't have a gimmick, you don't have a career in sleuthing. It's that simple.

Prepare to meet Nick Delios: Crazy Hobo PI of THE FUTURE!

Saturday Crapshoot: Destiny of the Doctors

Richard Cobbett at

On the face of it, there's no good reason why nobody's ever made a genuinely good Doctor Who game. The Doctor is great. The entire universe is his playground. He has an amazing gallery of enemies. He's the ultimate adventurer, constantly mixed up in both universal and human scale chaos. And yet, somehow, it's never worked. The recent Adventure Games should have been great, but ended up feeling cheap and undercooked. Before them, it's only really been platform games and a couple of text adventures, usually with names like Dalek Attack. We've never however had the interactive Doctor Who he deserved. Hell, we've yet to have one that lets us walk into the TARDIS and admire its bigger-on-the-insideness, like everyone's been talking about doing since Unreal showed up with its portal effects back in 1998.

What we did get was Destiny of the Doctors. Start the Cloister Bell chiming...