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Grand Theft Auto V for PC has not been canceled, Rockstar says

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You may have heard a rumor last week that Rockstar had decided to cancel the PC version of Grand Theft Auto V. The word came from a site called Fox Weekly, which quoted the chairman of the marketing firm Rantic as saying that Rockstar never wanted to make a PC version of the game in the first place, but was "forced to do it" because of public demand. The statement carried weight, so the story went, because Rantic was founded by a guy named Brad, who also happens to be a marketing director for Rockstar North.

GTA 5 PC release: all the evidence so far

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Hordes of postmen fill the street, armies of retail staff scurry through their fluorescent aisles, and the world's console-owning population have simultaneously phoned in a variety of minor ailments. Grand Theft Auto V has launched and, by all reports, it's A Big Deal. Unless you own a PC, that is, in which case, it's a Tuesday.

What hope do we have of joining GTA 5's triumvirate of crims and, more importantly, when? Rockstar's sandbox of car chases and petty violence began its life on PC, but without an official announcement, can we assume that we'll have a chance to holiday in Los Santos? Let's delve into the murky lake of internet rumour, and fish out any facts we can find.

GTA 5 trailer shows your usual mix of plot, action, and criminal antics

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There's another trailer for Grand Theft Auto 5. Except, wait, apparently this one is The Official Trailer. Does that call in to question the legitimacy of allthepreviousvideos? Not at all. But given how much action, shouting, shooting and expositing that Rockstar pack into this single minute, it's clear why they'd want it to get the definitive article.

GTA Online screenshots show a wholesome time with pals

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Sure, crime and violence are great, but too often they're solitary pursuits. As much fun as you can have ploughing through digital pedestrians, or leading the virtual cops towards an open arena for a final last stand, wouldn't it be better if you could share the experience with friends? That's the promise of GTA Online, with its 16-player persistent open world. A new crop of screenshots have surfaced, showing the bonding experience that can result from pointing some guns at some people.

GTA 5 PC release date hinted at by Nvidia director [Updated]

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Grand Theft Auto V steals its way onto the current batch of consoles next month, and from everything Rockstar have shown so far, it's looking pretty good. A shame then, that a PC version still hasn't been announced - even if is history tells us we will eventually get our hands on the game. Now, though, a comment by Chris Evenden, Nvidia's senior director of investor relations, may be hinting at a sooner-than-expected PC release.

GTA 4 mod enables GTA 5 style character switching

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Grand Theft Auto 5 lets you switch between the game's three characters, warping to another part of the city to take charge of their anti-social activities. It sounds great, which makes it a shame that we've been left waiting - not just for Rockstar to release the game on PC, but for them to even announce it. At least, we would be if modders weren't tirelessly working to bring GTA 4 up to speed with its successor.

GTA 5 screenshots show vehicles, guns, trouserless quad biking

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Maybe you think Rockstar have gone overboard with the number of screenshots they're releasing for Grand Theft Auto 5. It has been a lot, but in fairness to them, open world games aren't exactly short of picture possibilities. A man holding a gun in profile to the sun? Another man without britches, quad-biking away from the police? A third man (*gasp*) leaning on a railing!? Whatever will they think of next?

GTA 5 trailer shows off its "sprawling satirical re-imagining" of Southern California

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Rockstar have released the very first glimpse of Grand Theft Auto V as she is played. While previousin-enginetrailers have introduced us to the game's trio of characters, this time we're getting our first taste of the game in action. But what action will it be? An out-of-control driver bouncing between pedestrians before clipping a curb and triggering a physics tornado? Someone meticulously hunting eerily glowing pigeons, only for them to explode in a shower of guts and feathers? Another goddamn bowling minigame? Click inside to find out.

Rockstar job listing hints at possible GTA 5 PC release

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Every main GTA game has, after some form of delay, made its way to PC. There's every reason to expect Grand Theft Auto V will do the same. But while you won't ever hear Rockstar say that, you will be able to glean tantalising hints from their job openings. Rockstar Leeds recently posted a listing for a Graphic Programmer, whose responsibilities would include bringing the studio's "latest titles" to PC.

Grand Theft Auto 5 screenshots show major vehicle larceny

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Rockstar are going back to basics with this brief batch of GTA5 screenshots, highlighting the auto part of Grand Theft Auto. (Also the Grand Theft part, in the case of the shot above.) Here we get a round-up of some of the vehicles that'll be driving, flying and swimming through this remade Los Santos.

While GTA 5 is released later this year for consoles, a PC version has yet to be announced. If you're wondering why we're still posting about the game despite Rockstar's silence on the matter, let me explain with a small history lesson.

GTA 5 screenshots: 12 new pics show the gang's criminal escapades

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Rockstar have dropped a fresh round of GTA 5 screenshots at our feet. This time, we see the game's three protagonists engaging in a variety of criminal activities, which is perhaps to be expected from a series named Grand Theft Auto. But just how illegal are their shenanigans? Read on, as I apply the unwaveringly accurate Naughty Scale to find out.

Disclaimer: I am not a lawyer.

Grand Theft Auto V's release date announced, Rockstar's lips still sealed over PC

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Rockstar have announced that the official release date for GTA 5 will be September 17th. That's a fairly significant delay over the previous, albeit vague, launch window of Spring 2013. Of course, so far the game has only been officially announced for consoles. That means the PC version, if one is even being planned, will likely arrive many months after that date - probably sometime in 2014.

Grand Theft Auto 5 wallpaper art released; Kavinsky along for the NightRide

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Here's a couple of scraps of GTAV info, which, I suspect, is about as much as we can hope from the generally tight-lipped Rockstar in the run up to the game's "Q2" release.

Firstly, Rockstar dropped a big art-dump over the weekend, rendering their trademark illustrations in a variety of wallpaper-friendly resolutions. The pics feature a selection of the locations and vehicles you'll find throughout Los Santos, as well as the three confirmed protagonists.

Grand Theft Auto IV video shows iCEnhancer 2.0 visual mod in action

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Version 2.0 of the superb iCEnhancer mod for Grand Theft Auto IV is now freely available on creator Hayssam Keilany's site. Providing your PC can run it at more than a handful of frames per second, it'll turn Liberty City into the almost photorealistic version of pseudo-New York shown in the trailer above. The mod's creator is planning to release a "Natural" version soon, which could provide the more muted tones we've seen from previous versions of iCEnhancer. If you like the look of this, Keilany's also made a version of iCEnhancer for Skyrim. What do you think, time to install GTA IV again?

Grand Theft Auto 5 set in Los Santos, will be Rockstar's "largest and most ambitious game"

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In a post on their official site, Rockstar say that GTA 5 will be the "largest and most ambitious" title they've developed yet. They also confirm the setting, saying "Grand Theft Auto V focuses on the pursuit of the almighty dollar in a re-imagined, present day Southern California."

GTA 5 will take place in "the city of Los Santos and surrounding hills, countryside and beaches." Just the one city, then. No mention of San Fierro (San Francisco) and Las Venturas (Las Vegas), which featured alongside Los Santos in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

Rockstar say that GTA 5 represents "a bold new direction in open-world freedom," and confirms that there will be online multiplayer.

Those are all the solid facts so far. It's been less than a day since the debut trailer landed, and the rumour mill has already gone into overdrive. Are you looking forward to returning to Los Santos?

GTA: Episodes from Liberty City review

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These Episodes - both The Lost and Damned and The Ballad of Gay Tony - are Grand Theft Auto served neat. The two tales are presented without mixer, without the dull filler that made GTA IV look more like an astounding technological achievement and less like a world you wanted to live in. Unlike the drugs almost every character in both of these stories snorts, smokes, or injects, EFLC's ingredients are uncut: get a habit, and you're mainlining bike gang shootouts, helicopter-jackings and explosions at every juncture.