Man invades live TV show demanding GTA6

Rockstar North hasn't said a single thing about the inevitable Grand Theft Auto 6, which of course means that every week from now until it does there will be 'leaks', rumours, and general scuttlebutt. Grand Theft Auto V launched in 2013 and, with some of the aforementioned rumours suggesting we won't see GTA6 until 2025, certain fans are going stir-crazy.

The above clip is from a German TV show called Beat the Star, wherein contestants take on a celebrity in various challenges—climbing, hockey, races, that kind of vibe—to win some dough. But not here! As the host Alexander Duszat (known in Germany as 'Elton') is talking to reality TV star Evelyn Burdecki, a member of the audience runs on-stage, and roughly translated this is their exchange.

Man: I wish you a beautiful day, my name is Asa(?). What I want to know is where the hell is GTA 6? I have been waiting eight years for GTA 6!

Elton: GTA 6? I'll be there.

Man: Yeah exactly, shout that into the camera!

Evelyn Burdecki: I must say you gave me a bit of a fright.

Elton: GTA 6? I have no responsibility for that, the programs have to...

Evelyn Burdecki: Isn't this a videogame?

Man: Exactly, GTA 6!

Evelyn Burdecki: I didn't know that

Man: Please send a message. Shout into the camera "Where is GTA 6?"

Elton: No I don't have to do that, I haven't even finished GTA 5 yet.

Man: Well some day, some day!

Elton: Did Take-Two pay this guy or whoever makes the game?

At this point our German friend, who may be called Asa, is being politely escorted off-stage by a security guard. It's such a reasonable exit that one suspects the guard, too, is waiting for GTA 6.

The host Elton's clear familiarity with the series, to the extent of mentioning that it's published by Take Two, has led to some questions about the veracity of this apparently spontaneous moment: is it staged? A bit of post-Gamescom guerrilla marketing to whet global appetites?

Obviously it's impossible to say, but perhaps worth taking the tinfoil hat off for a moment to acknowledge that it's hardly unusual for someone to have played the biggest videogame in the world (and one which shows you the Take-Two logo every time you load it up). The fact Elton jokes about the man being paid by Take-Two also goes against the guerrilla theory, unless it's some brilliant meta touch. And it could be a dude who really is losing his shit over the lack of GTA6 news, or made a bet with his mate before going on the show.

Either way, let's hope that Asa's plaintive wail somehow makes its way to Sam Houser's desktop, and the Rockstar big cheese throws us all a crumb. Until then, here's all the speculation on GTA 6 in one place.

Rich Stanton

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