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Exclusive: Let your Wall Blades make green mincemeat in Orcs Must Die!

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It's a feeling every Bond villain's experienced at one time or another: the glee of watching someone inch closer and closer to your carefully-laid trap, with your victim unknowingly taking his final steps towards oblivion. Now, you can experience that feeling without the megalomania or evil plots in Orcs Must Die!, an action-strategy hybrid from Robot Entertainment.

OMD looks to be something of a cross between your typical tower defense game, Dungeon Keeper, and the enemy ridicule and playful murdering of Bulletstorm. And I want to play it right this second.

Age of Empires Online swaps devs

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In a shocking twist for Age of Empires Online, original developer Robot Entertainment is out, and Chris Taylor and his Gas Powered Games crew (of Supreme Commander Fame) are in. GPG has picked up where Robot left off, and will carry Microsoft's free-to-play real-time strategy game to completion. What exactly happened to prompt this switcharoo is unclear, and Microsoft probably isn't too eager to share, but we'll be poking around for details at today's Microsoft Showcase event.

We're all big fans of GPG's work, and Taylor is a known fan of Ensemble's classic Age of Empires II, so this seems like a good fit. In fact, Taylor cited AoEII as one of his all-time favorite RTS games when I talked to him about GPG's now-on-hold fantasy RTS Kings & Castles last year - I suppose this explains why Taylor'd be willing to set that project aside to work on an AOE game.

Update: Robot Entertainment President Patrick Hudson called to clear up the mystery. Read on for his side of the story.

Click here to see the trailer for Robot's original project, Orcs Must Die!

Free-to-play Age of Empires Online to feature co-op missions and upgradeable capital cities

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More information has emerged today on Age of Empire's latest reincarnation as a free-to-play, massively multiplayer online strategy game with upgradeable capital cities, player trading and co-op missions. Read on for details